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The need for a 4D interpretation of Frequency

Below you will find my question to you about spatial organisation of wave frequencies. In our body, all cell divisions are carefully orchestrated, 'as by an internal music'. It is more easy to regard that as a spatial dynamic wave form, which can "adopt/adapt".
My question is: Cyril, how do the meridian frequencies which you found 'tie in with this'?

    Earlier today I sent you, CC'd, my message to Nassim.
    I asked him to join me in linking 'his' Black Holes to our Blind Spots, which concerns our Freedom of Choice in our System Stability Singularity Set (System interface).

    Attached to that e-mail I sent a draft of a text I am currently writing ("Adaptation & Compensation"): it describes the foundation of system regulation in our body. I illustrate that in terms of physiological cycles, which have been well described by Bert Verveen ("System Patho-Physiology). In his work he shows that bodily integrity is based /not/ on the cycles themselves, but on integrity of their coupling.
    That gives an excellent formal basis for the description of the regulatory system of the body: in the (non)closure of the coupling between the process cycles.

It makes it possible to describe health and disease, life and death, love and hate, consciousness and matter, from first principles, in one and the same model. The model shows that the wave nodes are more fundamental than the waves; our reality is not based on physics but on phasics. That however implies that we cannot used the concerns and considerations of physics for life; we must base those solely on phAsics. That however again implies that we need to have a 4D notion of phase organisation, and an interpretation of "frequency" ... in 4D.

In the body we find a suggestion for the way in which that can be imagined.
Therein, the body as a whole is an integral organic holographic field; a "Bio-Hologram".
In the sensory system we find that a Dirac Pulse (sensor), Fourier Code (neurone), Moiré Pattern (plexus) and Hologram (brain) are all interrelated.
That suggest that a (Fourier) "Frequence" is the 1D 'line' equivalent of a 2D Moiré 'plane' and 3D Hologram 'field' unfoldment of the 0D Gabor Point (dirac Pulse).

As you may know from my earlier work, presented at CASYS: the above makes it possible to show the complete parallel between the functioning of our body and system theory.
Anatomy, physiology, system regulation and information integration correspond with, respectively, space, time, energy and consciousness (phase in(-)formation).
In that schema, the regulatory system operates at the level of Energy, thus the electromagnetic field couplinbg, which is the 3rd Order System (The Critical Boundary).
At that level, we are dealing with the 'atomolecular' (Atom/molecule) coupling, and the coupling between the electric and magnetic components of the EM Field.

Roberto Renout offered a fascinating insight into that coupling; described in his concept of the "HyperMandala" (www.hypermandala.com).
Simply said: radial wave resonance is called an "atom"; lateral resonance (Mach-sequencing) is called a "molecule".
It is in the interplay between both that we operate One aspect of our participation in creation, by operating Freedom of Choice.
Bill Tiller first helped me see how that happens, in the phase shift in the wave coupling of the electric and magnetic wave components.

Cyril, you have looked into that coupling in great detail; the magnetic (iso) phase vector. You will probably recognise much of what I wrote in the attachment ("Adaptation & Compensation") which I sent out this morning. You will probably recognise that these system cycles operate in the electromagnetic and the magneto-electric domains. That is also what you describe as the frequencies of the meridians; as you dowsed them out and later measured.

I assume that you have already looked into the (spatial) relationship between these frequencies and the body.
-> Can you please let me know more about the relationship between these frequencies and the free-path-length, object size and material impedance (density) of the physical body?

This evidently corresponds on the one hand to size of material cellular objects, but on the other hand also with 'cavity'-resonance within the physical cellular body spaces. Also, operating at the 3rd Order System, this takes place in the interface, thus in the interspace, thus in the inner-phase of the phase organisation/coherence of our body; in the interplay between carrier- and signal-wave.

There is another aspect which comes up in this approach; I already asked Peter Rowlands if his model can offer help in that respect. It is the realisation that in our body Frequency is not meaningful in the sense in which it is used in electromagnetism. There, it is not usual to regard the 4D organisation/coherence of a Wave Field; Phil Callahan drew my attention to the necessity to do just that.
In our body we need a 4D interpretation of Frequency: in 3 spatial directions plus the possibility for their, combined, (phase) inversion.

In combination that offers a metric for describing a spatial coherence of a wave field (I assume that Bill Tiller also has explored that).
I started to unfold that idea in the section called "MatheMusics" on www.ScienceofLife.nl. It is a sequel to the series of Essays ("The Bones of Belief") in which I show the relationship between the formation of "Bones", "Reflexes", "Beliefs" and "Reality". All are based on the process dynamics of cell division; which is addressed in the attachment in my e-mail this morning, offering a different perspective for their integration.

"MatheMusics" is based on the notion of a standing wave in 3D; with the capacity for self-renewal (which requires 4D; and which is required for Life).
Any frequency of physical science needs to be regarded as a resonant frequency in the spectrum of a spatial wave. I do not know of any mathematical formulation of such (resonant) spatial wave forms; it is basically what is sought in Field/String theory.
I assume that it is implied in Peter Rowlands’ model; he already wrote me that spatiality is one of the implied 'options'.

In the attachment which I e-mailed this morning, you can see that there are two basic mechanisms for correction of mismatch ("nonclosure") of the determinant system cycles.
When there is an excess, this calls for the insertion of a feedback loop to drain off the excess.
When there is a deficit, that calls for the insertion of a feed-forward loop to supplement the circuit to closure.
Evidently, meridian "frequency" does not really explain what happens; what is needed is an understanding of the way the wave cycle is 'warped' in the way I implied in "The Four Dimensions of Time", and shown in Figure 6 of this morning's attachment.

In our body, there must be a specific 4D relationship between the Signal Wave and the Carrier Wave.
In MatheMusics I describe the relationship between the Doppler Shift (Major/Minor scales) emotions (elation/depression) and posture (stretch/curving).
In “Adaptation and Compensation" I described it as shifts between the complementary leafs of a Möbius Lemniscate (in which 00 can tilt to oO or respectively to Oo as a means to recalibrate the point of balance).

-> Cyril, i realise that you will have looked into the same, and I wonder: what is the relationship that you found between the frequencies that you measured, their stability, and the (in)stability of the body process cycles?

Feel well


Response from Cyril:

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