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Hi O#o!
A reply to 'nowhere' got me nowhere! I hope this address works, I tried it last night and nothing was returned.
Thanks for the many recent e:mails.
I will try to pick up on a few points.

    1. A point is a sphere of zero radius!

    Re: mathematics and science see:
    Wigner E (1960) "The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences," in Communications in Pure and Applied Mathematics, 13(1). New York: John Wiley http://www.dartmouth.edu/~matc/MathDrama/reading/Wigner.html.

Below you will find my question to you about spatial organisation of wave frequencies.
In our body, all cell divisions are carefully orchestrated, 'as by an internal music'.
It is more easy to regard that as a spatial dynamic wave form, which can
My question is: Cyril, how do the meridian frequencies which you found 'tie in with this'?

    It must be the mathematics describing macroscopic wave functions in coherent systems.

Cyril, you have looked into that coupling in great detail; the magnetic (iso) phase vector.
You will probably recognise much of what I wrote in the attachment ("Adaptation & Compensation") which I sent out this morning.
You will probably recognise that these system cycles operate in the electromagnetic and the magneto-electric domains.
That is also what you describe as the frequencies of the meridians; as you dowsed them out and later measured.

I assume that you have already looked into the (spatial) relationship between these frequencies and the body.
-> Can you please let me know more about the relationship between these frequencies and the free-path-length, object size and material impedance (density) of the physical body?
This evidently corresponds on the one hand to size of material cellular objects, but on the other hand also with 'cavity'-resonance within the physical cellular body spaces.
Also, operating at the 3rd Order System, this takes place in the interface, thus in the interspace, thus in the inner-phase of the phase organisation/coherence of our body; in the interplay /between/carrier- and signal-wave.
-> Cyril, i realise that you will have looked into the same, and I wonder: what is the relationship that you found between the frequencies that you measured, their stability, and the (in)stability of the body process cycles?

    See attached on biological cycles and Heart meridian.
    Remember that the Heart meridian also describes mental activity status.
    Yeast cells at cyto-kinesis, a frequency of 8MHz appears which is the frequency given by the rate constant of ATP hydrolysis.
    In a coherent system, the frequency becomes a fractal quantity. The constant parameter is the coherence length. this makes for a set of frequencies determined by the velocities of coherence propagation which the system will support e.g. the velocity of light and the velocity of coherence diffusion ~m/s. Once coherence is established, there can be superluminal communication within the coherent system for frequencies higher than that corresponding to the velocity of light on the coherence length. In simple cells, the cell dimensions seem to determine the coherence length i.e. as resonant cavities but, I cannot do any sums for multi-cellular systems. There are frequency variations in accord with the frequency signatures of metabolic chemicals.
    The magnetic vector potential affects the phase of the macroscopic wave function and oscillating charges including chemistry generate this.

That gives an excellent formal basis for the description of the regulatory system of the body: in the /(non)closure/ of the coupling between the process cycles.

    There are sequences of frequencies which if imprinted into water become 'nilpotent' i.e. all are erased. The frequencies of each of the 3-courses of the meridians have this property. It gives the living system an error detection capability since there is only a signal under fault conditions.

The model shows that the wave nodes are more fundamental than the waves;
our reality is not based on physics but on phasics.
That however implies that we cannot used the concerns and considerations of physics for life; we must base those solely on phAsics.

    Your are in effect saying that there is phase coherence and phase-locked systems.
    There are chirality effects too, see my DIY notes and CASYS'11.

Evidently, Freedom of Choice is simple and essential: a change of involvement:
(un)linking wave nodes, changing involvement = changing (dis)integration.
In other words: Our Black Holes and Freedom of Choice are the foundations of Life and Consciousness.

    Choice involves intention. See my chapter on Qi. If there is no intention to imprint, nothing is imprinted.

In our body we can see that the relationship between moments of choice is a Time Fractal.
We can likewise see that this Fractal exists of the System Interface (integrating the Singularity Set of the System).
In the body we also see that any sensation of our ‘environment’ is only a sensation on/within our body.

    Frequency fractal is the reciprocal of time fractal.
    Eternity = perfect coherence = zero bandwidth = infinite period.

As you know, I describe that the essence of life lies in our participation in creation.

    i.e. Teilhard de Chardin's - man still needs completion

Homeopathy operates by recording a radio wave frequency spectrum into a substrate; water.

    In living systems, the whole em spectrum is involved. the lowest frequency is determined by the square root of the number of particles (entities) involved.
    Synchronised tadpoles communicate at wavelengths of yellow light and above.
    Therapy can be achieved by finding a frequency which makes the illness frequencies 'nilpotent'.

That is the process by which photon leaps dislocate electrons in atoms orbits (un)forming molecules (un)forming matter.
Every molecule in our body forms part of that system of phase re-organisation; a.k.a. “manifestation”.

    This is the particle/wave problem.

It calls for a different view on the so-called periodic table of elements: it must be based on a Vortex.
It means that every molecule is a ground note (chord) for the process of
(physical) manifestation.

    See my reference to Alfred Partheil in my CASYS'11 paper. relating the periodic table and frequency through the Rydberg Constant.
    I hope all this might be useful.
    Best wishes,


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