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Hi Matti

“The wave node…“

¿How is it possible to describe a wave node in full-4D (for you, 8D)?

By being able to describe how the wave node forms and dissolves, we can show how symmetry == symmetry-break.

    And also show how all of he universe forms.

      Everything we know about physics, is based on what we know about phAsics: the (un)linking of 4D wave nodes.

It is what i call “TopoLogic”.
It is the logic that determines changes in phase space.
We perceive them as changes in phase relationships.
We consider them by their result: changes in phase space; phase state.

Sacred geometry” is a formulation of the 4D braiding of phase to form energy, then time cycles, then space structures.
Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and Topology all amount to the same at the level of wave-node re-organisation.
It operates at the level of logic, where waves (un)form from the (un)linking of phase.
The Wave Node is the direct link between Relativity Theory (the wave before the wave node) and Quantum Theory (the wave before and after the wave node).

Field theory is based on the formulation of the wave node in linking the wave before (relativity) and the wave after (probability).
Therein it is possible to see that the two waves can be connected.
Therein (relativity) wave, (probability) wave train can have a wave envelope; which can be a Soliton.
The only difference/relationship between them is how the wave nodes are (multiply/singularly) linked.

Atomic physics is by definition based on subatomic phasics.
All manifestations as/at the material level, result from phase organisation.
We see the same dynamics, at larger scale, in the dynamics of cell division.
Matter, molecules, and atoms are all merely forms of interweaving of phase...

Cell division is described from the perspective of the physical anatomical cell.
As soon as division starts, the physiological processes determine every transformation.
The last phase of cell separation demonstrates that electromagnetic molecular atomics (literally) determine the formation process.
But the final and ultimate (literally) deciding factor is the subatomic phase space.

It means that we must not describe matter, but how molecules for from atoms.
Roberto Renout suggested that atoms and molecules are part of the same dynamic.
De Broglie suggested that we can regard atoms are forms of resonant (phase) organisation.
In atoms we see how the so-called ‘particles’ are each examples of different resonant forms.

    Photons ‘travel straight lines’,
    Electrons for circle orbits,
    Protons form ‘core coating’,
    Neutrons form the core.

In other words; they are variants of Borromean Rings (looping multiples).

    A Photon is a Borromean Ring with looping 0,
    An Electron is a Borromean Ring with 1 looping
    A Proton is a Borromean Ring with 2 (Möbius) loopings
    A Proton is a Borromean Ring with 3 loopings (Self-defining)

In other words, merely the TOPOLOGY defines the difference.
And the Tolology is the only discerning factor between mass and information.
Mass, Spin, polarity/polarisation and Charge are but aspects of the change between Borromean Looping states.
It means that all is consequential to the organisation/coherence of wave nodes.

It means that we need to discern between multiplication and complexification.
In multiplexing, as in cell division, cycles are externally connected.
In complexifying, cycles are internally looped (such as described by Borromean rings).
The difference determines how the resulting wave node relates to its context.

    A neutron can be regarded as a cycle which spins around on itself.
    Its rotations axes: (front-rear = left-ring = top-bottom) => inside=outside.
    As a result it appears charge-less, spin neutral and with mass.
    Which is the opposite of the photon, mass-less, changeless, with spin.

  • 0 loops = photon
  • 1 loop = electron
  • 2 loops = proton
  • 3 loops = neutron

    The neutron has 3 orthonormal cycles; thus self-replicates.
    The proton has 3 loops, one of which tied in with the neutron.
    The electron has 3 loops, one manifesting as its orbit.
    The photon has 3 loops, of the “grand trajectories” that it follows.

The alchemists already understood this an described this.
Compare: Neutron = Earth, Proton = oceans, Electron = Atmosphere, Photon = Stars.
Or, in other words: Neutron = Solid, Proton = Liquid, Electron = Gas, Photon = Fire.
The Quintessence is the relationship between them; the change in wave mode (de)complexification.

This is the basis of Dimensional (De)Compression.
A change in Dimension is always a Logical Operation (Quintessence, Freedom of Choic).
A dimensional change is always a reduction/increase in complexity of phase coherence.
Space, Time, Energy and Consciousness are in that matter discerned, and connected.

Roberto Renout already implied the relationship between Dimensionality and Boromeans.
He described this as Hamiltonean Pathways, on his HyperBoule.
The Multiple circles on the sphere are counterpart of multiple flux-funnels between CP2 spheres.
In other words: complexing == multiplexing, in inverse.

In other words, everything we know about matter also applies to mind.
Matter = Molecules = Atoms = Phase.
The transitions BETWEEN the dimensional states determine the changes WITHIN the dimensional states.
The ONLY ‘thing’ that connects/discerns them, is the Logic: phase (non)coherence.

The ONLY operator in creation is the 4D Logic of (un)linking dimensions.
It is the processor that opens/closes system boundaries (‘equation signs’).
It is the function we use and know as Freedom of Choice.
It is the dynamic by which wave nodes are formed and released, within their 4D context.

How can we best describe this dynamic of (un)forming wave nodes?

Feel well


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