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Hello Han,

Thank you for the extensive talk we had.
Fascinating, how we each by our own way came to the same insight.
You realised that the radio wave field around an antenna rod is layered, with phase alternation.
I came to realise that atoms are layers of standing waves, with phase inversion.

What we both found also is the illogicality of the model for electromagnetism.
With the realisation that too many people believe the theory, instead of the practice.
What we both seek is a reformulation of ‘electromagnetism’.
Somehow, static magnets, magnetodynamics, electromagnetism and ??? are one.

That is implied in the organisation of matter from molecules of atoms in Phase space.
By the principle of the HyperMandala of Roberto Renout, atoms and molecules are one.
As a radial resonant nested series of waves, the phase orgone/organisation is “Atom”
When in linear concatenation the orgone/organisation is called a “Molecule”.


I describe that I seek a fundamental formulation of a logical operation in phase space.
It is the orthonormal extension from point to line to circle to a sphere (a “Gabor Poit”).
Therein the point ‘unfolds’ into a line, ‘closes’ as a circle, and unfolds=closes as a sphere.
Each transition corresponds with Freedom of Choice and an othogonalisation/differentiation/decision.

Gabor Point

You have looked into the relationship between energy and phase (geometrical forms).
The relative position of solid magnets changes the space between and within them.
You realised that we need to account for those space/phase changes in our models.
But you also noticed that theoreticians seem to be out of touch with practical matters.

You mentioned the need to reformulate, re-interpret, electromagnetism in Ether.
I came to the same conclusion of a need for reinterpretation; I call it phase space.
In that domain there is NO physical spatial/temporal/energy organisation (in formation).
Yet it defines simultaneously the logic of creation/manifestation; and: Freedom of Choice.

In my approach the formulation of the point-line-circle-sphere is the first step.
It is needed to show our own involvement in 4D phase (re)organisation in creation.
In your approach you seek the construction of a phase arranged set of magnets.
By which the dynamic in phase space can flow in coherent manner, as energy.

I am cautious about, what I call “Dimensional Energy Colonialisation/Enslavement”.
As long as we do not understand Phase Space, we can not claim/drain it.
Especially as, in the body, we see that phase space and consciousness are the same.
Perhaps in our body we can see how “Atoms” and “Antennae” (our models) are one…

Cyril Smith seems to have a piece of the puzzle, in frequencies in our body.
Johanna Buchenau seems to have part of the solution, in brain molecular dynamics.
Nassim’s “Black Holes”, Rowlands’ ”Zero Point”, and our “Blind Spot” and “Freedom of Choice” seem to be the same.
Their interaction must lie in the manner electricity and magnetism is the same (but not (yet) in the models).

Phase Space, or Ether, is a purely abstract mental construct; a pure idea.
At that level of understanding matter => molecules => atoms => coherence (in(-)formation).
It is at that level that our understanding/participation/involvement alters creation.
Which we do from the sub-atomic cellular level, in our body, as part of humanity.

Our very different paths led to the same conclusion and findings.
We both came to see that Ether, Phase Space, has a logical internal organisation.
In our body we experience it as photon leaps => electron leap => valency => bonds.
Probably the complement, magnetism, can give that understanding beyond matter.

Solid magnets, in flowing motion, as electromagnetism, in a vortex form?
I assume that what we seek to do al large scale is already found in our body.
The geometry and dynamic of atoms and molecules, understood as phase waves??
I look forward to the outcome of our future explorations.

Feel well


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