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Hi Peter,

Frequency formulations in 1D, 2D & 3D

I realised that in your formulation, it is possible to define frequencies in 2D and 3D (orgones). It is implied in the binary replication you described with Bernard Diaz. And is found in the i,j,k notation.

Where can I find it in your descriptions; if you already described it? The 3D frequency, correlated with the 3D Fractal (lime, space, energy) will allow for the description of the different forms of coherence (point, plane, volume) and this the relationship between different dimensions of code compression, and the (vortical) transitions between them.

Have you already formulated the relationship between the continuous (Diego Rapoport) and discrete (Vanesa Hill) representations of the vortex? I know it is implied in what you presented; when made explicit the information relay between sensor, neurone, plexus and brain can be addressed; which means that the signals which Walter Schempp implicitly measured can be decoded into the different layers/levels of consciousness from which they are composed.

Also: from the work of Roberto Renout I know that an atom and a molecule are based on the same principle (resonance) with a change of orientation of the time base.
When the time base is self-referential (closed) the higher harmonics are concentric with the earlier spheres of wave propagation and reverberation.
When, at right angles, the next cycle is phased out of sync, then the next resonant sphere is projected next to the one before (or partially overlapping. That is: atoms and molecules operate from the same basis with simply an othogonal base reference vector at the source of their projection; which is the same as a Vrobel Time Fractal with a base referon (reference system) without, or with, a symmetry break.

    Can you grasp what I get at?

I know that what I refer to is implied in what you describe...
When that is made explicit, chemistry reduces to mathematics.
Which means that material can be shown to be FORMS of information.

Feel well


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