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Hi Dan,

Re electrogravitics...

Two years ago i wrote a text (“The Equation of Health”) describing that the basis of health lies in cell division.
In short: one cell becomes many, but integrity must always be maintained.
As in lightning; cell division links a fixed change in space with a determined change/pause in time.
That means that the basis of health can be described in terms of a Time Fractal (as formulated by Susie Vrobel).

Nowadays i am addressing the complementary/inverse aspect of the same: the dimensional transitions.
In short: Change of space requires change of time/process, requiring change of energy/state, requiring change of information/dimensions.
That means that LOGIC is the basis of any/every description/experience.
That again means that not the material but the immaterial needs to be the basis of formal/fundamental description.

Fractality is but one aspect of concatenation/coherence of information in formation.
The bifurcation, of any point in the sequence of fractalisation, is part of a more fundamental layer.
The same is seen in the formation of a flash of lightning (fixed jump in space, fixed pause in time).
It is the underlying charge/potential field that determines the outcome (the lightning fractal).

Recently i started to link that to the work of Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Howard Johnson and Wilhelm Reich.
The charge-discharge described by John Beini is the same as found in the neurone of any living body.
Sensor (pulse), Neuron (Fourier code), Plexus (Moire Array) and Brain (Hologram) are all 4D related.
However; there too anatomy follows physiology, following regulation, following information.

The fundamental coherence thus, again, is found only at the level of logic/in(-)formation/dimensions.
The most basic formulation is in terms of the coherence of a soliton; as follows.
A wave is part of a wave train, with a wave envelope, to form a soliton; a 4D recursion of cycles.
More fundamental than the cycles is the way the cycles are linked with respect to each other (a time fractal).

Information therein has the shape of a pulse.
Energy has the shape of a wave front.
Time has the shape of a wave oscillation.
Space has the shape of a standing wave.

Your concept ("The universe is a whipped-cream-ligh-hologram") is therein in detail describeable.
What is lacking n the  description is the effect of the context; and invertability of the whole system.
After all and before all: the part is part of the whole only if they are each other's dual/inVerse.
I have as yet found no mathematical formulation which is able to deal with this.

My blood-brother Joseph van Coenegrachts was working on this; alas, he recently died.
He calculated the origination of atoms from a Riemann Zeta function (oscillation); in 9 decimals.
But he could not see/show that this is the principle also by which we operate consciousness.
Freedom of choice operates IN the time fractal of cell divisions; and in Sexual cell fusion choices.

That is where Wilhelm Reich realised that sexuality ties in directly with cormic creative energy.
The same is formulated by Walter Russel - he equates the laws of physics with sexual dynamics.
It is the pivot of what i look at: the integration of information with matter, with/in our body.
The essence of life is learning to operate/use Freedom of Choice.

That is where it is necessary to address the paranormal; which i now call the normalpara.
People need to learn to operate this, on an individual= collective basis.
At that level, the information has access to the information of the collective.
Individual choices therein complement/augment/realise as the realisation of humanity.

Do you have any suggestions for a formal way to describe this?
Jos van Coenegrachts died; Michel Bounias died.
Their descriptions died with them.
It requires a form of mathematics which is, in fact, a logical operation/operator.

That is precisely what we see/find in nature.
Lawrence Edwards, Pill Callahan, Karl Pribram and many others showed this.
But at that level description=realisation, and algebra=geometry (GeoGebra).
At that level, logic = mathematics = chemistry = consciousness...

In he body we see that electricity = radio signal.
Every circuit/circulation is a 'cross-section' of a wave form.
Thus, acupuncture/meridians and homeopathy/chackras are interlinked.
But, as Reich and Bedini show: it is a different mode of resonance/radio-wave coherence.

At this level, all needs to be addressed as potential.
The form results only in (interaction with) context.
That is where/why consciousness is ' immaterial'.
It operates the logic (wave node (un)crossing) directly.

Is there a form of formulation that you know of that can address this?
Peter Rowlands ("Zero to Infinity") has a formulation towards this.
Diego Rapoport (Klein Bottle Vortex Model) sees the universality of this.
But what we are dealing with, here, is Freedom of Choice, directly.

What is seek is not a language of form(s), but the logic of/for forming.
Spencer-Brown described the distinctions; not how/why they are made.
Varela showed that/how the cell membranes in our body form the distinctions.
Life however operates at a deeper level: (un)making of distinctions (= un-knotting of wave nodes).

    In which way do you ('formally') address/describe this?

Maybe it would be preferable to sit together sometime and see the ideas fall in place?

Feel well


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