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Hi Cyril

Soul & Shen; Acupuncture & Homeopathy;
Rods & Rings; Space and Time

There is a direct duality, complementarity, between homeopathy and acupuncture.
At CASYS you compared the hormones and neurones to mail delivery and telegraphy.
It is that same complementarity that I see between the Soul and the Shen.
I see it as the difference/sameness between electric currents and radio signals.

I have started to describe this, for a web site on the normal-para (ordinary-extra).
The Soul is the 'decision tree' of the Time-Fractal trace of all cell divisions.
The Shen is the complex of 'information clouds' that arise/form within it.
The Shen is the radio-wave/orgone/information-circulation which forms our organs.

In this view I make use of a finding of Phil Callahan about the nature of Orgone.
He told me that an orgone is a spatially organised standing wave; time coherent.
He mentioned that up to 16 frequencies could therein be interlinked, interlocked.
I have come to regard it as a time stable radio wave; or as an atom without matter.

Roel van Wijk is researching the nature of the light field and bio-coherence.
In my view photons, phonons, particles and atoms are all (fundamental) misnomers.
In what I see there is nothing particular about the universe: "NO particles".
Instead, so-called particles are the nodes of the cusps of the crossing of waves.

Thereby the duality of particles and waves is immediately resolved; eliminated.
The wave-particle duality is merely consequential to the underlying wave field.
Which shows that we must think about electro||magnetism in very different terms.
The local node of the E-M-wave crossing forms part of a larger system of coherence.

In the CASYS presentations I described how that can be imagined as a Soliton system.
A wave, a wave train, a wave envelope and a soliton are therein all only one system.
The organisation, in space and time, is not based om the waves but the wave NODES.
The pattern of coherence of Consciousness, Energy, Time and Space is based on that, only.

I have started to pursue an old idea of Zachary Jones: on bio-integrity in nature.
In his view, gravity, Qi, Electricity and Magnetism form one integral complex.
The 'closed system' perspectives of 'particles' must have an Open System equivalent.
It is the part of the intereaction of the extended wave cusps, interacting.

That is where I now use the formal formulation of the SOUL and the SHEN.
The Soul is the cascade of decisions of cell divisions of the Zygote, forming our body.
It is a Vrobel Time Fractal, which determines the basis and form of our whole body.
In it, cell differentiation and cell replication form part of the same system dynamic.

Here I must refer to, thus iroduce, the work of Roberto Renout on the HYPERMANDALA.
Simply stated: Atoms are forms or radial resonance; molecules are linear resonance.
Atoms and Molecules are in fact AtoMolecules: radial (temporal) and linear (spatial) arrangements.
In nature this is a fundamental relationship between time (resonance) and space (extension).

Rudie Labady studied that in the form of the Rings and Rods of molecular structures.
Rings are cycles, which form a stable coherent tume base (cf. "Atoms"): "Storage".
Rods are extensions, which allow for capture/release and transformation ("Molecules").
Together they exemplify the relationship between 'photons' and 'electrons'.

In my 2011 Casys Paper "The Collapse of the Vector of State" I addressed that.
"Photon Leap <=> Electron Leap <=> Free Electrons <=> Bound Electrons".
With the understanding that the particles are immaterial; it is about braiding WAVES.
It is the basic 'recipe' for weaving a Hologram Hypermandala (cf. Pribram, Renout).

In that view the Soul is the Fractal of cell division decisions; every cell is aware.
The individual Soul is therein connected to the group Soul; of Copulation cell Fusion.
The decisions of all ancestors to copulate computes integral part of soul formations.
Their decisions too can be traced, and their decisions too form a Time Fractal ('Tree').

The fractal of body formation can be compared to a Tree; I described that for CASYS.
In "The Equation of Life" I explained that all Trees of Mythology are Decision Trees.
The World Tree, The Three of Life, The Tree of Good & Evil, and the Three of Knowledge.
In fact, the Tree of Go(o)od and (d)Evil is the Tree of Choice: literally: "Decision tree".

The Soul is like a sword: every new decision cuts and edges into the unknown.
It can be compared to left brain analysis, always leading to new needed analysis.
The Shen is like a flower or a cloud: a complex pattern of nested patterns.
Every new layer is enfolded intertwined with all next and previous layers.

The SOUL is like an information message passage: the linear 'molecular' form.
The SHEN is like a radio wave (in standing wave form) with an 'atomic' coherence.
Both can be considered to be part of the body software: the currents and the signal.
That is where a new form of 'electromagnetism' is needed: where current = signal.

Bert Verveen was aware of this already; in his model of System-Patho-Physiology.
Since, I understood he described System-Patho-Eco-Socio-Psycho-Physiology.
"Every molecule in our body is structural element and pattern of information".
“Every human is a cell in the body of humanity"; we are all family; one organism.

We need a model to be able to describe this: System-Patho-Physiology is just that.
It describes the circuits ("Rings") in cosmic interaction - also in our body.
It described their closure ("Rods") in linking circuits up between each other.
Every circuit in our body is part of a Möbius Loop (for Total System Inversion).

That is where Homeopathy and Acupuncture are dual; they complement each other.
Homeopathy addresses the Shen/Gestalt/Radio-signal/Atomics - gestalts.
Acupuncture represents the Soul/Current/Circuit/Moleculars - connections.
That is why, some time ago, I asked you and Peter Rowlands about 4D Frequencies.

The Soul and the Shen (the Rods and the Rings) are interrelated.
The Soul/Rods/wave-nodes/X represent the connections between (Verveen) Cycles.
The Shen/Rings/waves/O represents their ongoing temporal (Hanappi) coherence.
Yet all are based on bio- EM/Qi/Gravity coherence; as Zach Jones suggested.

I will look deeper into the Qi/Gravity formulation (Zach, Godewijn, look along?).
I have already established that Soul and Shen can now be simply understood and described.
It means that we can now, as you showed Cyril, link acupuncture and homeoopathy directly.
What it still needs however is a 4D spatial (re)formulation if what happens in a wave node.

Phil Callahan described that an Orgone is a resonant standing wave; 'an immaterial atom'.
All it requires is a reinterpretation of the available mathematics to describe it.
That needs to be able to make the Rod|Ring duality commutative, explicit; in the algebra.
Because that is where we find the pivot of Freedom of Choice; Galileo's fulcrum for changing the world.

Cyril, it is thanks to your work that I could puzzle together the dual nature of the Soul & Shen.
With that understanding, we are a step closer to the practice of EM information healing/medicine.
We are also a step closer to understanding the (E.M.) nature and importance of our involvement.
Because it is the understanding of our participation in creation which will end planetary destruction by science.

What is needed, is a direct link between electromagnetism and information: consciousness.
Cyril, in your research you show that our body processes information directly.
You and many others showed that our body coherence if based on electromagnetic signals.
What we need still is to formulate that in phsysics: electromagnetism is information/coherence/knowledge/wisdom.

That is where the notions of Soul (decisions/divisions) and Shen (integrity/integration) matter.
Although the concepts are immaterial themselves, they orchestrate cell material coherence.
Soul is in a sense, in essence, the Time Fractal of electromagnetic wave node concatenation (Rods).
Shen is likewise the Information Form of the electromagnetic nested/embedded wave field coherence.

All we need now is a 4D geometry to describe this.
That is available already in the 4D Gabor Point.
It is a property of every 4D wave node.
It must be written into the EM-equations.

That, Cyril, is my reflection for today.
Thanks to your work on 'homeopuncture'.
“We are dealing with EM in our body”.
We must describe how EM thus form life.

Feel well


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