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The following I can only formulate in a weird manner:

    For a while I have been observing life on this planet.
    Especially science I considered to be quite a puzzle.
    Because science 'singlehandedly' destroys the planet.
    By believing in 'objectivity'; a disease of alienation.

The problem lies not in science; that is but an abstraction.
The problem lies not in the scientists; they all(?) mean well.
The problem lies in the way scientists form science.
The problem lies in how scientists ... know themselves.

I added two essays to The Science of Life.
One addresses how we respond to words as ideas/opinions/true.
The other deals with the way projections affect our perceptions.
The form part of the formulation of the realisation of reality.

'Science' has pretended that reality is (merely) objective.
I find that I need to describe the basis of magic.
Magic is the art of using Free Will in (ongoing) Creation.
In that sense there is nothing magical about magic.

In our body we can identify where we operate Freedom of Choice.
Our whole body is the instrument to operate Freedom of Choice.
Our health is based on the correct use of Freedom of Choice.
Our experience of reality is an exercise in Freedom of Choice.

Our culture is torn by a long-standing conflict.
The roman church is an amalgamation of two doctrines.
On the one hand the life-after-life Jewish tradition.
On the other hand the Babylonian 'live-while-you-live'.

(Tantric) Magic was the basis of the Babylonian approach.
(Symbolic) magic was the basis for the Jewish doctrine.
Symbolic magic is now seen in the belief in money.
Money is the factor that determines the course of science.

Science has set its course on 'objectifying' reality
In essence it means that what is 'real' is an 'object'.
A model or instrument is ... an object in ... language.
Language is a process/dynamic within us ... in our mind.

Therefore there is good reason to see how we create symantic/mental objects. Therefore we meed to look into our mind/brain/logic/thinking.
Therein we find that our thinking always has two aspects.
We correlate [] surface data versus ][ core information.

That is the dynamic which I describe in the two Essays.
"Opinion or Real" describes the essence/nature of science.
"Seeing = Believing" addresses the confusion in scientists.
Both address our use of Freedom of Choice, in our brain core.

At that level we see the direct interplay between reality and realisation.
These are dual; just as elecro-magnetic, and kinetic-potential.
They explain how subjective-objective complement each other.
They have a common basis: the inversion of a 4D wave field.

    I know, the jargon may be new, or the idea 'hard' to grasp.
    Yet we all experience what I describe here, in awake-dreaming.
    It is the process by which we create our beliefs and idea(l)s.
    It is the fundamental logical operation of ... thinking.

In my view it is time scientist get to the core of science.
That, I think, is not WHAT we see but HOW we perceive.
It deals with the workings of consciousness itself.
It is the logic that determines the involvement of the scientist in science.

WE operate that logic in the interface between information and matter.
That takes place in the system interface; at the atomic level.
In the living organism that is seen in the fractal of cell division.
In systems terminology: it is seen in the singularity of the system.

It is the mechanism by which we form part of the whole.
It is  the process that we experience as health.
It is the transformation that we all know as Life.
It is the art/act of system-inversion: Freedom of Choice.

I welcome your reflections, if any.

Feel well


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