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Hi Johanna, Peter and Nassim,

Linking Freedom of Choice, Zero Point, Blind Spots, and Black Holes

Nassim, in your CASYS 201 presentation you added calculated insight in the structure of the Black Holes.
Peter, in a parallel manner you added your new insights on your understanding on Zero point calculus.
In my earlier CASYS paper I already described the way our Blind Spots determine our functioning/being.
Johanna, in your thesis, you studied the molecules and brain functions of consciousness, and our mind.

    Already I wrote you with my insight that all our perspectives are related; facets of the same insight.
    My request is that we see if we can ‘invert’ our respective findings, to ‘describe’ consciousness directly.
    (This approach is implied on the dynamic of Total System Inversion, which i described in a separate paper.
    The Essay “Adaptation & Compensation”) describes how system/cycle/boundary/phase inversion takes place within our body.)

Evidently conscious operates within the singularities of our system; thus also of our (collective) being.
Mathematics offers the tool for mental abstraction by which we can conceive and describe this.
Cosmology offers the physical perspective relevant for a transcendental interpretation of biology.
As I presented in my CASYS 2011 paper: quantum leaps between atoms define the electron leaps within atoms.

It calls for a different understanding of atoms; as resonant waves instead of as formed by particular motions.
‘Particles’ are much more meaningful if understood as wave nodes; consequential to wave interference.
That makes it possible to see that atoms and molecules are polar respectively linear standing waves.
Roberto Renout came to that insight, in his work on interwoven vibrational wave fields: HyperMandala.

Evidently this requires an ‘inverse’ kind of thinking: using consciousness to describe consciousness.
That this is possible and how this is possible I describe i.a. in “The Bones of Belief” in
As part of the reverse engineering/thinking, the molecules that Johanna knows are just Spectra.
They are specific resonant frequencies (eigen frequency matrices) in/of/for intercellular communications.

Consciousness as electromagnetic field wave

Cells, in that respect, are not organisms or entities, but networked supercomputers; zero-point operators.
The molecules that they secrete form logical code: as part of trains of communication: phase modulation.
The metabolic cycles therein are a language per-se; the so-called natural body language: a phase space.
The links between the cycles/circuits determine the basis for our integrity and health: 4D phase coherence.

In MatheMusics ( I started to describe the nature/function of wave fields in our body.
The nodes of the circuits of molecular metabolomes are ‘the membranes” of the sound wave field.
The sound field therein reflects only the acoustic (phonon) part of the integral EM wave field.
It addresses only one part of the light-EM-chemical-physical (phasical) integral body wave field.

In our body we see that all materials respond to information; the body is information in formation.
The process ‘which creates this’ is the micro-/super-computer network of the living body cells.
Every of these cells unfolded out of the Zygote; a zero-point unfolding as described by Peter (& Vanessa).
That means that the pattern of unfolding is not physical but phasical: an in(-)formation field (consciousness).

What we can(not) describe is how we interact with this field; in operating Freedom of Choice.
We can however do the inverse: show Where we interact with the physical field: in the singularities.
We can also infer How we interplay with the physical phase field: by inverting the wave/node phase.
That is outside of the scope of our description but precisely what we describe: Choice, Zero, Black Hole, Blind Spot.

Molecules as resonant wave fields

It requires a different understanding of the bio-molecules than is used by biology/medicine.
The molecules form the traces of an thermo-plastic (ionic gaseous) liquid crystal radio wave.
The physical substrate of the body, consequential to it, form the equivalent of a radio wave guide.
Same as aurora borealis, jet stream, gulf stream or rivers in the ionosphere/atmosphere/ocean/landscape.

    Instead of the landscape being carved out by the rivers, the information flows build up the body.
    Compare it to stalactites and stalagmites, combined, consequential to an electrodynamic vortex.
    All the principles of electro-hydro-dynamic fluid flows apply; and are the basis of material condensation.
    It is, so to say, the corollary of Bose Condensates, or Prigogine equilibrium/tension/stasis/manifestation.

It means that the whole body is at the same time a supercomputer and a (plasmic) wave field.
The creation and circulation of bio-molecules is therein part of an ongoing computation.
Björn Nordenström, Herbert Fröhlich, Robert Becker and Cyril Smith have all described this.
The studies of Cyril Smith tie in with the research initiated by Martin Dicke into Homeopathy.

Homeopathy operates by recording a radio wave frequency spectrum into a substrate; water.
The liquid crystal water operates organised micro-crystallisation (micro ice) for storing information.
It is, literally, information in formation; based on the organisation of phased co-ordination.
This requires a different formulation that quantum theory offers: stochastic particular heat turbulence …

4D Coherent wave fields

Instead, the basis is wave information, in/of the wave phase field; changing the wave nodes.
That, is the basis of/for the coupling of the photon leaps to electron leaps in forming atoms.
It is likewise the operator for linking atoms as molecules by so-called “valence electrons”.
And it is the same factor which determines the manifestation of molecules: as matter by bound electrons.

It is the same principle as we see in the dynamic functioning of our whole body: 4 phase transmutation.
It is literally what the alchemists already described: the relay between photons, atoms, molecules and matter.
Specifically, it is the information for wave re-organisation by which body cells/materials can (un)form.
In the Essays MatheMusic I describe how every atom is a chord, every molecule a melody, and all matter a composition.

    Our body operates as a light field; but … we cannot discern a combination of two colours; we see a new colour.
    Our body operates are a physical composition, but … combination/confusion therein leads to fragmentation.
    Our body operates as an EM field, but … that is also the basis of/for our experience of mind and realisation.
    Our body operates as a chemical field, and … we can model the ion flows as a field of (sound) waves!

I started MatheMusics to show how our body is a hologram, of an EM field, of ‘Sound’, organised in/as Space.
The body operates by the same principle as that of cell-formation in boiling water; now in coherent form.
All cell membranes are computed to be at a point of optimum balance; of maximum charge potential.
That is the space/domain/location/instant where the smallest change (choice) has a maximal/optimal effect.

The Black Hole, Blind Spot, Zero Point as node for Dimensional (re)organisation

It is literally the immovable point which Galileo Galilei asked for: the pivot for leverage of the whole universum.
It operates within the system singularity; which is every singularity of the system; Nassim’s Quantum-Proton wormholes.
It operates in the interface, in the interface, always and only: Peter’s requirement to always compute back to zero.
This is what we operate in/around the pineal gland, and every other Blind Spot(Singularity) with/in our living body.

The black hole, zero point, blind spot are all equivalent terms for the point of maximum potential.
In that spot there must be a balance between the part and the whole: the crossing point in the Lemniscate.
In that singular point, the whole and the part are in balance: human = humanity = all life = the universe.
The operation of shifting the point of balance is based on Integration of Generation/Operation/Destruction.

That is the process by which photon leaps dislocate electrons in atoms orbits (un)forming molecules (un)forming matter.
Every molecule in our body forms part of that system of phase re-organisation; a.k.a. “manifestation”.
It calls for a different view on the so-called periodic table of elements: it must be based on a Vortex.
It means that every molecule is a ground note (chord) for the process of (physical) manifestation.

The cell is a Black hole: an operationally neutral, unbound, uncoupled element in the whole (universe) system.
As a pivot for optimal/maximal creation, it must be dimensionally inert: outside of existing forms of creation.
That is precisely what Peter describes as the Zero point, Nassim and the Black Hole, and I as the Blind Spot.
In our body, the most pronounced location of that FUNCTION is in the mid-brain, which Johanna studied.


I would like to invite you to compose/contribute some ideas which compile/condense your views in this topic.
In my understanding we all contain a piece of the integral puzzle, of the formulation of our consciousness.
Together, these views explain how consciousness is on the one hand singularly local, and also universal.
By operating in the zero space, we interface in reality; as does every atom-molecule in our body and mind.

Nassim, are you willing to bring in some texts on the role of our body cell(s) as a (universe-centred) Black Hole?
Peter, please contribute some texts on the unfolding of the Zero point as in your work with Bernard and Vanessa?
Johanna, are you willing to contribute some pages on the location of freedom of choice in the brain(molecules)?
I propose that we bring these texts together, for now, in a non-public part of the science of life web site; okay?

Feel well


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