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Adaptation and Compensation – DRAFT

The following Essay formulates the most fundamental principle of Health.
It is part of the pivotal ‘mechanism’ which relates Life and Death.
It is the transition from Stability to instability of/for the whole system.
It is part of the cascade from Heath to Illth (Dis-ease) to Disease to Death.

It is the cascade from Heath to Adaptation to Compensation to Decompensation.
These are the four Orders of Systems of Cybernetics, of Alchemy, and of Matter.
They pertain to the relationship between Information, Atoms, Molecules and Matter.
When the information (in formation) in the body is lost, decay (disease) occurs (death.

The phase information field is the foundation of/for our bodily health; individually and collectively.
This cannot be described at the level of observation of physica(ity of) matter.
Nor can this be described in the molecular dynamics of process time cycles.
Instead they must be regarded at the critical boundary of energy coupling.

Energy coupling takes place at the level of wave nodes; in any/every system.
More fundamental than this is the level of phase modulation (primordial phase waves).
This is depicted in the image below, Table 1, as the four states of matter/coherence.
It is the foundation of alchemy, and thus of system theory and cybernetics.





    Wave Node

    Wave Front

    Wave Cycle

    Standing Wave


    Wave train

    Wave Envelope






    Table 1. Materisalisation is manifestation of information in formation, as matter.



    Table 2. Symbolic representation of Phase Coupling compxeification in [4D].

    Item 1 in Table 2 represents Phase Space: uncoupled virtual moments of choice.
    Item 2 represents the primary coupling; a wave node, a.k.a Energy (shock wave).
    Item 3 represents the secondary coupling, as wave oscillation a.k.a. Time base.
    Item 4 represents the tertiary coupling or phase lock Standing wave) a.k.a. Space.

    Adaptation & Compensation - Wave Forms

    Fire (plasma)

    Gas (ions)

    Liquid (fluid)

    Solid (fixed)

    Point [0D]

    Streamline [1D]

    Surface cone [2D]

    Volume [3D]

    Photon leaps

    Electron Leaps

    Valent Electrons

    Bound Electrons

    Figure 3. Universal dynamics is condensation of information into forms of matter.

Row 1 shows the geometric pattern of relationships as 0, 1, 2, 3 coupled wave nodes.
This is the basis of the dimensional organisation of Alchemy, shown in Row 2.
It is likewise the basis for the 4 aspects of the Vortex (row 3) as universal coupling.
It is the basis of the formation of matter (“materialisation”) on basis of phase in(-)formation.

Our living body is a manifestation of information in formation.
All body materials are responsive to information, and secreted by living cells.
All living cells in the body are one colony, formed from cell division.
The “Decision Tree” of cell division defines the critical boundaries in/of the system.

All body systems are all interrelated, via the dynamics of cell division.
The underlying principle of life, consciousness and health, is that of cell division.
That again is expression of the deeper understanding of atomic/molecular linking.
These, together determine also the (un)linking of metabolic cycles.

A&C Figure 01

    Figure 1. the metabolic/cell cycle links (schematic)

The dynamic of electron bonding between atoms relates to a shift of valence.
The electron leaps within atoms are related to photon leaps between atoms.
This shift of valence can be depicted as a lapse/leap from one orbit to another.
In the case of the coupling between atoms, it can be represented a Möbius loops.

By the Hypermandala principe ( atoms and molecules are linked.
In the radial expression of com-plexification, the emergent organisation is atomic.
In the linear (sequential) com-plexification the manifesting formations are molecular.
The particular link between photon-leaps and electron-leaps can be regarded as atoms:

A&C Figure 02

    Figure 2. photon/electron leaps between/within atoms

A&C Figure 03

    Figure 3. Valence shift represented as Mach/Doppler shift

A&C Figure 04 & 11

    Figure 4. Valence shift represented as Möbius Lemniscate

This is the principle dynamic in the calibration of (self)regulation in the body.
How this works. has been described by Bert Verveen (“System Patho-Physiology”).
It describes the relationship between de body metabolic cycles in the living body.
The same principle also applies to the metabolomic cycles between body cells.

The images 1 & 2 can also be used to describe the dynamic of cell oscillations.
The images 3 & 4 can likewise be used to represent the variations in oscillation.
A different way to represent the difference is phase cycle is as represented below.
That is also the image by which Bert Verveen described the relationship between health and disease.

A&C Figure 05

    Figure 5. Representation of Deficit and Excess; 2 alternative views

A&C Figure 06

    Figure 6. Representation of Deficit and Excess, Combined View

A&C Figure 07

    Figure 7. Representation of Deficit and Excess: Trigram representation

A&C Figure 08

    Figure 8. Representation of Deficit and Excess: Hexagram representation

Racing and Backfiring

On the basis of the origination of the cell cycle (vortex dynamics) the following prevails:
Change in cyclicity, must have a corresponding compensating complementary cycle.
This is represented, below, in Figure 9; as a cycle within a cycle (thus an oscillation).
This is the dynamic of vorticity (for flow rate adaptation) where two rivers merge.

A&C Figure 09

    Figure 9. Compensational circuits

Figure 9 is the same as Figure 5, except for an inversion of the figure on the right.
This represents a phase inversion, with respect to a situation of balance (the interface).
In this inverted representation it is possible to depict the process/dynamic of adaptation.
From the complementary perspective, it is a representation for dynamic compensation.

In medical practice, there is a systematic formulation for the loss of bodily health.
It is called the staging from 1) health to 2) adaptation to 3) compensation to 4) decompensation.
Chinese medicine makes this understanding much more explicit.
Its formulation is based on adaptation in regulation of phase (in the interface).

What is needed is a formulation, representation, for the dynamic of adaptation.
On the one hand the normal process dynamics are described by Bert Verveen.
On the other hand they need to be related to the system dynamic of adaptation.
In the following image the two dynamics are combined; linking adaptation with compensation.

These models of loops linked in loops help understand embryogenesis and ageing.
They link the models of physiology with those of acuneurocybernetics (acupuncture).
They make it possible to gain deeper insight in the dynamics of system adaptation.
At the same time they help understand the system dynamics of decompensation.

In Chinese medicine this is described in the concept of “the Divisions”.
It is also part of the understanding of the pre-and post-natal meridian circulation.
This can resolve the shortcoming of ‘modern medicine’ with respect to “old age”.
As described above, it is tied in with the relationship between information and matter.

A&C Figure 10

    Figure 10. Mutual compensation of excess and deficit

A&C Figure 10

    Figure 11. Alternative representation for Figure 10.

A&C Figure 04 & 11

    Figure 12. The Variational aspect of Figure 11.

A&C Figure 12

    Figure 13. The compensational aspect of Figure 11

The dynamic of the dynamic of variation is the complement of that of compensation.

A&C Figure 14

    Figure 14. Cross-coupling between dual circulatory systems (circuits)

A&C Figure 15

    Figure 15. Cross-coupling between system as model for dynamic compensation.

The small circle in the middle represents the inclusion/exclusion loop for compensation.
In case the system makes an overshoot (excess) the cycle serves to take op slack.
In case the system is in deficit, the inclusion circuit adds impulse to the cycle.
It will be evident that this dynamic can only operate by taking away from/to other cycles (complementarity of meridians is based on diffractal cell division from the Zygote).

This is the dynamic by which Chinese meridian therapy recalibrates the system cycles.
Each system circuit has its own specific cycle/frequency/wavelength, the ‘meridian’.
All body/cell circuits/cycles are coupled, in their origination of cell division of/from the Zygote.
Meridian theory has understanding of the hierarchy of ordering of these meridian ‘layers’.

When the compensating meridian feeds into the deficit of the circuit that can lead to “Racing”.
When the compensating meridian drives back the excess, this can “Backfire”.
When the meridians become ‘stress-locked’, they can Race AND Backfire each other.
That leads to a mutual exhaustion of the cycles, a decoupling known as ageing.

This dynamic is already implied in the description of Bert Verveen (
He elaborated this in his description of Excess/Deficit disease types.
Therein loss of health is defined by specific non-closure of the metabolic cycles.
Every form of disease is based on the same principle, each disease form is based on the ‘leached’/’hyped’ compensatory organ/meridian circuit.

A&C Figure 16

    Figure 16. Cell cycles coupled into organic integrity

The above symbol represents the coupling of the organ cycles.
It likewise is the image of the unfolding from the zygote.
At a more abstract level it is the image of atom/molecule formation.
It represents the phase=information integration for the whole body.


In the healthy body/cell functioning, all organ cycles feed into each other.
In the body under stress/duress the circuits compensate for each other.
That is represented by the image of phase compensation (Figure 13).
This amounts to the same as the image of compensating circuits (Figure 15).

A&C Figure 17

    Figure 17. Mutuality/duality of cell division/metabol(om)ic/organ cycles

The dynamic of mutual (cycle) compensation is known as “Yinn-Yang”.
Above it is shown as 4+4 circuits/cycles/circles in a 2D representation.
The same applies in 4D as spheres, with two more (Front and Back).
They are (together) known as “Ren Mo”, “Du Mo” and “Dai Mo”; plus “Chong Mo”.

This is the requirement for the system turning itself inside-out.
It is the condition for system stability in an ever-changing context.
This system fails if the circuits can not (‘Möbius’) compensate each other.
This can be represented by phase decay preponderance, shown in the image below.

A&C Figure 18

    Figure 18. Change of system stability in ageing

  • This is the transition from “Stable-in-the-large” to “stable-in-the-small”.
    It is the transition from the stable/variable tot the critical/unstable system.
    The super-critical/unstable system will fall apart if there is no phase integrity.
    For phase-integrity every organ and every cell must function as integrative centre.

This is the same as we see in the development of sovereignty.
It is the development from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
It is the transition of integrity from cell to organ to human to humanity.
It is the relationship between the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Order System.

The 1st Order System is the stable steady state, a.k.a. object in Space.
The 2nd Order System is the process dynamic of the flows in/of Time.
The 3rd Order System is the critical conditional Interface Transformation; a.k.a. Energy.
The 4th Order System is the integral information operating in phase space: Consciousness.

The 1st ‘Form” of the System lies in the (‘photonic’) phase information field (Subatomic).
The 2nd ‘Form” of the System lies in the Electromagnetic Field Coupling (Atomic).
The 3rd “Form” of the system lies in the (Chemical) Free Electron Flow (Molecular).
The 4th “Form” of the system lies in the (Physical) Electron Bonding (of/as Matter).

To Be Continued … (on

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