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Hi Nassim

Black holes are focal points for maximum Freedom of Choice

The somewhat lengthy text below explains how and why we can regard your description of Schwarzschild Objects as crucial/critical domains for consciousness.
They correspond with the locations of maximal/optimal   ignorance and fear: “Hell”.
If realised however, they are the (‘power’)instrument for our navigation/operation of Freedom of Choice: our participation in creation.

We thus have the possibility for a precise formulation of Consciousness.
In the same understanding we see that Love = Life = Consciousness = Health.
(The attached Essay, work in progress, describes how we can see this.)
Please, read the following text with the mind fully open, and see how we can join our findings.

You describe the Schwarzschild objects in the universe.
I describe Freedom of Choice in our body.
Below I will explain that they are in fact the same.
By understanding how they are related (also in the work of  consciousness is defined.

Black Hole Consciousness :
The black hole is the critical locus/focus of Freedom of Choice

There is another side to the story which you presented at CASYS 2011.
It is great that you showed it; it is also important to turn this around.
What you call the Black Hole is also the point of ZERO Dimension.

Being zero-dimensional ([0D]) it is outside of reality as we know it.
Yet, it is the foundation for it; and the essence of life (Freedom of Choice).
What you have beautifully shown is that this Zero Point has organisation.
The considerations of Cantor thus apply to Zero also (as Peter Rowlands shows).

Peter describes this for the manifestation of matter and bio-molecules, with Vanessa.
You describe it for physics, and cosmology, and in the organisation of our body.
I describe it in its role in consciousness,  being(s); as Freedom of choice.
However, the Zero-Point, the Black Hole, and Freedom of Choice is in essence the same.

Our living being is based on our use of Freedom of Choice.
It is a very basic operator; by it we can (un)link wave nodes.
In my CASYS papers i showed that this “zipping” takes place IN/ON the system boundary.
I called it the System Singularity Stability Set: the Time fractal connecting all cell divisions.

Thanks to Susie Vrobel I was able to equate that fundamental Zipper with her Time Fractal.
Peter Rowlands & Bernard Diaz already showed that they described DNA/Cell replication.
In the attached essay I elaborate the work of Bert Verveen on Cell Cycle Circuits/Coordination.
What I would like to explore with you is the equivalenticality (equivalent/identical) of the Black Hole that you describe and the notion of the Pivot of Freedom of Choice.

I have clear ‘memories’ (“insights”) ‘from before when this universe was created.
From that perspective, what we experience here is (part of) a Hologram; a light field.
I regard/consider it to be a kind of video arcade; a 3D realistic computer
Yet  remember) is to learn to operate Freedom of Choice.

That is what you have beautifully described in your latest (2011) CASYS Paper.
You described the relationship between Quanta, Protons, and the Universe as Black Hole.
In your previous CASYS Paper you had already positioned the Cell as Black Hole in the middle of the graph of universal manifestation/materialisation.
It is the equivalent of what I described as the relationship between cell, organ, body and humanity.

For what I see the (Schwarzschild) Quantum, Proton, Cell and Universe are likewise related.
In our body we can see that the relationship between moments of choice is a Time Fractal.
We can likewise see that this Interface (integrating the Singularity Set of the System).
In the body we also see that any sensation of our ‘environment’ is only a sensation on/within our body.

That is why I postulate/assume (“impostulate”) that the Black Holes are domains of Freedom of Choice.
What you describe as domains/scopes/scales/shapes of Black Holes around us, are in fact the equivalents of Freedom of Choice within us.
Evidently, Freedom of Choice is simple and essential: a change of involvement: (un)linking wave nodes, changing involvement = changing (dis)integration.
In other words: Our Black Holes and Freedom of Choice are the foundations of Life and Consciousness.

What matters, is that this is immaterial (literally!).
It is not based on material coherence; it is the basis for material coherence.
What matters is that it does not matter; matter is merely information in formation.
My other papers make that evident: information => atoms => molecules => matter.

What matters is our participation in creation.
You describe the scopes/scales/domains of freedom of Choice; in your papers you call them Black Holes.
Each Black Hole defines a level of fundamental undefinedness: it is the border system.
Yet, it thereby specifies, precisely, where our choices and decisions matter.
Our choices only have significance if they operate in Schwarzschild ‘black holes’.

Yet those are also the sites/locations/moments when we do not know that we can choose to choose.
That is what Walter Schempp already realised, and how he resolved Heisenberg Uncertainly.
The “choicelessness” exists only if you look into 1) the interface (Hell) or 2) to the two (+) fields which it connects (Purgatory), but the ambivalence disappears when that system state/definition/limitation is transcended, in 3) straddling  

That is precisely what we find in our human body; it manifests/exemplifies this process/dynamic.
We find it in the Chackra System, which is the development from 1, 2, 3 to 4 cell system.
Holy Bone, Hara, Heart and Head represent the qualities of 1, 2, 3, and 4 of Numerology.
It is the relationship between (2) boundary, (3) transition and (4) self-realisation.

In many texts I described the details and analysis of this logic of our body.
Peter Rowlands and Vanessa Hill found the same logic for the Universe, and our body.
You have found the same organisation for manifestation, in/as the form of the black hole.
What i wish to propose is that we show that we are all talking about the same: Realisation.

The Black Holes define the Boundaries/interfaces/Intersections/Cusps for freedom of choice.
They are the equipotential planes of manifestation in creation; wave node complexes.
René Thom and Christopher Seeman described these as if mathematical/physical.
But as we observe reality ONLY as realisation in our own body, they must be consciousness dynamics.

In other words, in our combined work, we already have the definition and formulation of consciousness, Health, Life and Love.
The basis lies in the pivot of Freedom of Choice: our ability to (un)link phase wave nodes.
Our body shows how consciousness, energy, lime and space are linked
As Uri Fidelman showed: equations of physics (reality) are formulations of our thinking (realisation).

In my series of essays “The Bones of Belief” ( i showed that Bones, Reflexes, Beliefs and Reality are all the same.
All are expressions of the dynamic of cell division = metabolism = learning = immunity/memory.
In my papers on Integral Health Care I showed that this is what we operate in the 4D logic of our body (manifestation).
Combined with your understanding of the Schwarzschild Cusps, we can identify the precise logic where our participation in creation really matters.

You and I found that the basis is in the Quantum; I call it the Wave Node or Freedom of Choice.
You and I found that this operates in the Proton; I call it the Renout Hypermandala ((un)linking atoms as molecules) (
You and I found that this operates as our body cell; I precision it as the moment of Cell Division.
You and I realise that this operates as the uniVerse; I regard it as a projection from our human/humanity being; our inVerse.

What I see(k) is a mathematics in which all is linked.
In describing the Freedom of Choice in/as the Black Hole, we describe it ON/IN the interface.
That means that all models of classical physics are void; only Rowlands (Rapoport?) mathematics is useful.
What I have not yet found is a mathematics in which 1) a point unfolds to 2) a spiral, which can 3) form a circle, and thence 4) a sphere; a Gabor Point Logic Mathematics.

As you will realise, this dynamic relates 1) logic/equations, 2) functions/functors, 3) Variables/Operators and 4) Values/Outcomes.
That kind of mathematics can operate only if/when we specify our involvement.
That is precisely what you and I describe: the relationship between the uniVerse, Cells, Protons and Quanta.
That is the relationship between Love, Life, Consciousness, and Health.

Fundamental to this understanding is that we can only live it; not describe it.
What we can however describe is the location of Freedom of Choice
(see The Science of Life site).
What we can also describe is the critical boundaries for maximum choice potential.
Every model for Reality is a formulation of our Realisation (The Uri Fidelman insight).

Combined, they provide the key for understanding both Consciousness and Creation.
Together, they show that what we cannot describe can yet be lived.
Most important; we will see that we do not need to fear Freedom of Choice, but use it.

As you know, I describe that the essence of life lies in our participation in creation.
Creation is the manifestation of information to matter; we are the uniVerse in inVerse.
This is what mysticism practices, religions describe, and churches deny and science ignores: we are i.-g.o.d. (see
By pointing out the Critical Conditions (the Schwarzschild Domains) we can see where our unique/individual human existence really matters; as creators in creation.

As you will be aware, this also is the cure of all diseases: diseases occur when these critical boundaries/conditions collapse.
It is also the basis of consciousness: the consciousness conditions/catastrophes are the interfaces between different levels of awareness.
In our body we see how they function (cell/organ/body/humanity) which makes it possible to infer how consciousness functions likewise.
Basically my suggestion is: your Black Holes are loci of optimal maximal freedom of choice; let’s explore that?

Feel well


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