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Hello Michael

I would like to invite you to join in on a quest.
In fact, we already started long ago, as the Sophist Society.
We each went our own way (after the conferences we both attended), and (my) lack of money kept us physically apart.

Mentally we are however still on the same trail.
We both explored system theory, cybernetics, and The Formulation of Consciousness.
You have delved into the study of Spencer-Brown formulation of “Distinctions”.
And that is where i would like to ask you to again together take up the thread of our thinking.

As you will find, in these Correspondences, is am looking into our involvement in creation.
By our decisions we change the way by which we interface with/in our environment.
We do that by changing the innerface of the interface; by operating Freedom of Choice.
That, is the opposite/complement/dual/same as the making of a distinction.

A distinction, any distinction, is an interface (a wave front/node).
The only way in which we can discern an interface is by Phase Change.
The only power we have in creation is to change the phase in/of an interface.
That, is the essence of Freedom of Choice: inverting the phase in a wave node.

In this web site i have formulated what i found on how that works.
It is simple: we only change the phase in the interface (inverting part vs. whole).
By phase inversion, a Boundary (separation) becomes a Field (connection).
It is the relationship between differentiation and integration (Part and Whole).

You will find that i am looking for the patterns/frequencies of the phase change.
I also realise that this ONLY happens in the wave node, by phase change ONLY.
Therein, the Zero Point” = “Blind Spot” = “Black Hole” = Pivot of Freedom of Choice.
I wish to invite you to add what you found on Choice = Decision = Distinction = Mark.

You have studied Spencer-Brown; and extended that in your own understanding.
You also realised that this is all about creating boundaries; and connections.
You looked into relationship to the I Ching and Frequencies and Bandwidths.
I much welcome what you have written on this, or can write on this, to understand this.

As you will find in my work on this web site, i am looking for our participation in creation.
I show that we, scientists, as science, destroy Earth, life, Humanity thus ourselves.
I show that WE create the models; the reflect us.
And, if they do not work we (as sorcerers apprentices) must destroy them.

Marking and unmarking Distinction is the essence of creation/destruction.
What i look for is NOT how we do that on paper, but how we do it in our mind.
Individually, and collectively - because language serves for our collective symbiosis.
What i seek is a way to heal humanity, by realising that, how, WE are the Creators.

Please help me help ourselves to help each other to heal humanity/life/Earth.
Please contribute what you found with regards to your research on Distinction.
I welcome your contributions to this web site (in future it will be a collaboration site).
You might have further ideas, after you read more of what this web site offers: please!

Feel well


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