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A DIY Therapy for Electrical Sensitivities
Cyril W. Smith, Ph.D.

This  is intended to supplement my notes on “Electrical Sensitivities and the Electrical Environment” written for and in cooperation with The Breakspear Hospital, Hemel Hempstead, HP2 4FD, U.K. whom the writer has been helping with  their electrically hypersensitive patients since 1982.

1. Body Frequencies

The acupuncture meridians and chakra points have natural frequencies on them which are characteristic of the specific meridians and points and indicate the status of the target organs or systems to which they traditionally relate. The Heart meridian in a healthy person has a very precise frequency. For 50 persons classing themselves as “healthy” the mean frequency in the whole-body field was  7.802 ± 0.002  Hz   When there is stress or disease in an organ, its characteristic frequency also appears  in the whole-body field.

The frequency pattern of the whole-body field can be copied into a tube of water. Figure 1 below shows how this can be done. The tube is half-filled with boiled filtered water or, in cases of extreme sensitivity with any water from a source that the patient can tolerate. It is held so that the hand encloses the tube as shown, the fist is then clenched, and the projecting bottom  of the tube is given a sharp bang on a wooden surface but not so hard as to risk breaking the glass. Wood seems to be suitably resilient for this purpose.

I have developed techniques for doing the frequency measurements and  clinics mail an imprinted tube wrapped in aluminium foil  in a padded envelope to me for this. On the basis of this measurement I can imprint into water either a frequency which will erase these stress related frequencies allowing the next layer of stress frequencies to appear for further therapy or, stimulate those frequencies that the body wants to have stimulated so that it will come to ignore those frequencies which are stressful and depress biological activity.

However, there are cases where the patients body frequencies are so unstable, even varying by the hour or day, that this is neither practicable or efficient in my time and theirs. The technique  described here aims to filter out the stressful frequencies  and allow the therapeutic frequencies to be returned to water as a therapy equivalent to a homoeopathic potency. It is not suitable for use where there is an addictive sensitivity for example o the 50/60Hz power supply

Figure 2 shows the imprinted tube placed in a jar containing a solution of L-fructose or other laevo-rotatory active substance. In practice, a solution of honey in water seems to be satisfcatory. The concentration is not too critical as honey concentrations down to 1% seem alright but, a 0.1% concentration is insufficient to filter out the unwanted stress frequencies.

Figures 3, 4 & 5  show how the therapeutic frequencies can then be copied into a glass of water for use like a homoeopathic potency.

Figure 1 Imprinting the body frequencies from the hand into water.

Figure 2.  The imprinted tube is placed in a jar containing L-fructose solution

Figure 3  The jar and tube are placed in a glass of water.

Figure 4. Bringing up a strong magnet will copy the therapeutic frequencies penetrating  the L-fructose solution into the water in the glass.

Figure 5. Succussing the glass held above the water-line  will also copy the therapeutic frequencies penetrating  the L-fructose solution into the water in the glass.


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