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1) The curriculum - retracing the steps of the past

2) The curriculum - overview of the 4 sections

3) The Curriculum - mathematics and models

New theories require new understanding.
Old models can not be used to grasp new insights.

In this interview Matti Pitkänen explains how others can learn what he learned.
Over 35 years Matti explored/developed new ideas, and learned new mathematics.
Much time was invested/spent also in exploring dead ends; roads not to be taken.
It means that whoever follows this curriculum can trace the footsteps on this journey towards understanding TGD; without the detours.

The interview explains the outline of the TGD Curriculum.
First, Matti explains why he suggests this path, to retrace his own learning.
Secondly he explains why he proposes four different course segments.
Finally he describes the mathematics and models that he uses in TGD.

It helps to understand what the course ultimately leads to.
It asks you to stop using old models, and stop thinking in old paradigms.
In order to get new understanding, you need to change your philosophy and way of thinking.
Then, using the new mathematical tools, you will get the new understanding.

That new understanding is ‘holographic’, dynamic.
In that new conceptualisation, your involvement matters.
The descriptions of particle physics apply equally for thought bubbles (and body cells, and humans in humanity).
In other words: it represents a next evolution in science.

The Curriculum

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