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This interview is about consciousness; and presented in three parts:

1) Core Concepts
2) Mattimatics
3) TGD Physics

1) Basic ideas

    Introduction by O#o:

    1) Symmetry vs Break
    2) Field vs Boundary
    3) Zero vs One
    4) Open System versus Closed System.

    What we are dealing with is not two separate realities, but the effect of a dimensional change.
    This i represent by the dimensional operator: "#" (which is "=" + "//").
    At the moment a dimensional operator acts; the WHOLE dimension changes; for EVERY dimension involved.
    This is where we have the explicit formulation of our involvement in creation; in dimensional operation.

    Matty, you already described that your quest started by looking at symmetry and symmetry break.
    You already mentioned that p-adic numbers helped you 'read between the lines'; see the coherence/spaces in/between manifestation.
    When, how, did you realise that you were in fact dealing with Consciousness.
    You spoke of it a bit in "The Formulation of Consciousness"; what was your experience in that meeting?

Symmetry-symmetry breaking.

As a matter fact, the whole business start with the problem: in GRT one loses symmetries and conservation laws and not only these: also the very definition of energy and momentum, conserved or not. Sloppily defined notion of conservation laws was the starting point.

This is just one aspect of the notion of symmetry which is enormously multifaceted concept.
O#o: for which i have a simplification...

einstein, planck, schroedinger/gabor, matti
Dual Minkowski vector:
boundary inversion

The Little Lists"; attached texts for this session:

1) fever experience
2) steps of development of the understanding of consciousness, over 20 years
3) mathematical models useful for understanding/modelling consciousness
4) parallels: physics :: consciousness

    4th page for this session as attachment: quantum theory is electromagnetic field dynamics in context.

  • "theories, science, is a quilt blanket: patched pieces"
  • A session on quantum biology; and electromedicine.
  • electric, magnetic, radiation fields; in (genetic) biology
  • electron=photon

Feynman diagrams.
Peter Rowlands ALgebra
Vanessa Hill genetics
"the code of (the language of) nature"

"Nature's Code"

Vanessa Hill & Peter Rowlands: "Nature's Code".
The dna/amino-acid code; is a communication code.
Liege Paper; Memory and homeopathy.
cell communication (Garyev); nano scale.

electric - instead of gravitational - explanation

magnetic flux tubes (strings) - 'computing' optimal potential.
multiplexing the phase cycles to materialisation (particles).

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