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“Sciencing” is MUCH more important than science.
Science purports to present facts, so-called objective findings.
Scientific objects however are linguistic objects: Models.
They convey the (new) understanding of scientific explorers.

These interviews with Matti Pitkänen demonstrate the making of science.
They trace the trail of changing insights, wrong and right, toward new insight.
The listener/reader/student can thus follow the turns of thoughts, and insight.
Especially the changes in the lines of thoughts are crucial for the new understanding.

Each interview explores a step/stage in the development of ideas.
Each session explores 3 levels: 1) personal, 2) mathematics, and 3) physics.
All are mean to provide a general understanding of the concepts.
In each case, further material is available elsewhere (

The discussion notes are appended to each interview date item.


math = model = method = 'machine-thinking'
A machine, a tool, an technique, a reflex.
5/24/12 11:37 AM

mathematician - machining - mind - 'magic'
a means, a for minding, making ideas; choice
5/24/12 11:40 AM

visual, geometry, metaphor, dimensional
mathematic is a manifestation of mind
5/24/12 11:42 AM

mind scapes
different states of mind
5/24/12 12:04 PM

geometrise= ?
Hyperdimensional = ?
5/24/12 12:05 PM

looking for coherence
looking into complexity
5/24/12 12:33 PM

minimal surface; soap bubble
Maxwell field, minimalised

General: submanifold makes it possible to visualise this; no longer minimal surfaces, it needs a dimensional constant; instead: use dimensionel constant.
Gauge field really helped.
Special: no gravitation; submanifolds accomodate for the symmetries; with point equivalence. (lorents transformations; minkovski spaces) Mini-manifolds
6D vs 4D, Pointcare

Quantum Theory;
Next levels of abstraction; described as wave functions; multiple states in coincidence.
repalace points by surfaces, as sets. Bohr. infinite geometrised.

Field Theory (Information)
Consciousness, as separate from measurement; and predictions. Beyond statistical interpretation of multiple values.
Bring in the observer - explicit implicit in the description. in the ongoing recreation.
The deep end... ontology
5/24/12 1:15 PM

Higgs mechanism
P-adics gives totally different approach; limiting possibilities
5/31/12 11:31 AM

Good morning Matti!
5/31/12 11:32 AM

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