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1) Core Concepts
2) Mattimatics
3) TGD Physics

  1. Quantum theory - electrodynamic field
  2. 2, 3, 4, 8 dimensions
  3. Bio harmonics - music of the spheres

In the previous session we discussed how DNA is not a ‘molecule’, but a ‘computer program’; a hologram in action.
In order to understand that better is it necessary to see how that ‘computation’ connects magnetic flux tubes.
At one level we can understand it as circuits, connecting, forming a ‘circuit board’ and a ‘computation’.
But it also requires a shift in understanding: it seems to make more sense if we look at that in ... 8 dimensions.

Also the third part would relate to Gariaev since the experimental input is from him to high degree. Phantom DNA as dark DNA, effects of radiation on DNA and remote replication, transcription etc. Addressing by frequencies using resonance and by flux tubes connecting the systems.  Shared use of DNA’s by pseudo hologram mechanism. DNA, speech and music contra ordinary sound

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