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1) Core Concepts
2) Mattimatics
3) TGD Physics

  1. How did you get to know about DNA: what was your own educated/intuitive understanding f it?
  2. When you started to develop the mathemaics, did you apply it to DNA also; or later?
  3. How does TGD make it possible to understand the physics/cohrence of DNA; how do quanta, consciousness and sub-manifolds/p-adics play a role therein?
  4. In this session we discuss Life.
    We use DNA as a model for description.
    This brings together the Quantum (which we already discussed) and Consciousness (which also was found to need a multi layered understanding).
    This sessions presents the idea that we can interpret DNA as a Hologram-in-action; which can be described by magnetic Flux Tubes, but must be interpreted as a computation-in-action.

1 General ideas

thinking - brain functions - neurones/hormones - DNA
sciencing in action
symmetry(break) in action
MU (joint modes)

"Gödel Esher Bach" - MU mode
And the formulation of DNA

linking genetic code to the number 64
Hilbert suggested to connect this to primes.
There would be an infinite hierarchy of coded: 'mimetic".
A more complex version  of the same would be language.

The simplicity of Complexity
Vanessa Hill: Nature's Code
Roberto Renout
Body Cell computations

Mercener Prime

Frequency versus time base

number versus rhythms

2^2-1=3, 2^3-1= 7, 2^7-1= 127, 2^127-1 prime too. What about next ones?


2 Mathematics

DNA as geometry
Molecular coherence
Helical strands
Space-time structures

DNA as space-time topology.
(Thus also a information form)

Tis needs to be connected to fields
(DNA as zipper between fields)

Peter Garayev: dramatic experiments.
Multi levels of information in DNA

Relationship between EM field radiation and DNA
How does it connect to life; and information fields?

Transcription producing internal/external changes.
Is there coherent (Tesla) radiation; what would it be like?

How can the quantum model help understand this?
It must be based om discrete/digital quantum states.

Quantum DNA must be switching ('a zipper).
Again: symmetry and symmety break (part versus whole)

particle physics with meanng; algebra PLUS geometry.
That requires different representation: (TGD).

Relating electromagnetic field to holograms.
This is where electromagnetic flu tubes are important.
DNA s then a geometry of Flux Tubes;
DNA Strands are the essence: how tubes link up.

They are extensions of the interaction.
This is a structure of Space-Time.

Fractal hierarchy; with coherence over many levels.
See the work of Bruvce Lipton and Lun Margulis.

DNA is a node/zipper in the connecting structure.
It is part of the open/closed flows in the cell/body.

Hologram needs to be redefined:
It is a construct of tubes.

dna pariccles are connected by flux tubes.
Holoram is a light image - which is dynamic; thus flux  tubes

A Hologram is a space-TIME geometry;
it is a /dynamic/, which is perceived as-if stable

it is the interaction (photon exchange) which matters
It is alway in interaction (determied by involvement).

3 Physics

Magnetic flux tubes - are the equivalent of 'hologram'.
It makes more sense to talk about the dynamic (flux tubes) than the result (hologram)

Flux  tubes, in that sense are akin to computation -relationships.

Flux tubes define the form of matter 'by their computation'.
Knot theory calls these (liquid crystal) “branes” (membranes).
Any connection is by definition quantum computation.
it is about calculating the interface - the part versus the whole.
It is not a reductionistic computation.
It is, always, interactive - open system.
DNA is 'hardware'; but ...result of the software
Understand the connectedness; the dynamic logic
connecting DNA/Hologram/Flux Tubes to Fields
radiation is non-quantum
classical electromagnetic fields are well known
But ... they are incomplete in their description.
I needs to be connected with 4dimensional surfaces.
Those make more sense in an 8 dimensional domain.
That is a description in itself; to b  taken up later.
Here, the results can be used: flux  tube dynamic coherence
NEXT Time: EM field, Quantum Theory, 8 Dimensions
Matti Pitkänen 12:18
8 dimensions
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Call Started
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze 12:43
4D frequensies
Wave node DNA
Matter - speed of sound
Brain / DNA
archimedes/Aristoteles/Plato - sound = shape (standing/travelling waves)
relative frequencies
= meaning, if he whole resonate in the part
biosphere as music - phase (dis)coherence
"harmony of the spheres"
Next interview, or the one after?
biosphere as music
8 dimensions
QUantum theory - electrodynamic field
Bio harmonics - music of the spheres
Matti Pitkänen 12:57
dimensions 2,3,4. 8 Why?
Cell division -division of magnetic body.
O#o van Nieuwenhuijze 13:01

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