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In the previous interview it was clear that symmetry and symmetry-break are two parts of the same principle.
Already it has become clear tat every particle is a part of a whole, and must be seen as such: the whole, in part.
Matti has described how p-adic numbers help to describe particles in clusters, by the patterns of the relationship between them.
In this session all of these ideas come together in the concept of the Quantum.

The interview has 3 parts (plus a private evaluation afterwards, for interview optimisation).
1) the general concept/idea/image of a quantum.
2) the mathematical means to describe/understand the quantum.
3) the quantum in physics, and how we can apply the concept.

1) Concept

The outcome is that the quantum is not an object, nor a quantum leap, nor a choice between multiple quantum states.
It is all of the above; plus more than that: a whole field of options which are possibilities.
This makes the quantum akin to a “zipper” in the ongoing dynamic of creation.
It is a part(icle), fractal, cluster and the whole, all at the same time.

2) Mathematics

Mathematically this is best described by using the notion of a Spinor; the mathematical formulation of/for a Vortex.
But all of these vortices/spinors are all interconnected: p-adic numbers help to describe that.
As mentioned above: the pattern in the space between the particles (the geometry) is more informative than the number of particles.
This is the basis for the understanding of the relationship between a Quantum and consciousness/coherence.

3) Physics

That is then also decisive for the physical interpretation/meaning of this concept for the Quantum.
It is NOT the jump between energy states; instead it is the choice between energy potentials.
It is the pattern of (p-adic/spinor/fractal) coherence which matters; not the ‘physical values’.
In fact, with Matti’s model the calculations actually produce the classical measured outcomes; but also show that there exist other possible states.


The next interview will be about consciousness; how we experience/use the quantum in our life.


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