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1) Who is Matti Pitkänen?

    Finish Phycisist, living in Hanko.

2) How did Matti come to study Physics?

    because music has such beautiful patterns, like mathematics and physics.

3) Why did Matti develop a new model for Physics?

    Because physics presents a paradox.

Matti played music, discovered the harmonics in it, and discovered that mathematics and physics describe it.
However, in the university he discovered that the mathematics which was taught was inconsistent: on the one hand it addressed continuity, and on the other hand abrupt change.
He sought a way to resolve the contradiction; and found the solution in the incomplete descriptions (‘sloppy mathematics/physics’).
By ‘repairing’ the basic equations the problem was solved and, also, algebra and geometry became one: “TGD”.

This leads to the question: “of what use is that for anybody one else?”.

     It applies, literally, to our body, and consciousness. Life as we live it.

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