The Invitation Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Dear all

Thanks to your work i have been able to come to the formulation of the Science of Life.
I invite you all to write a chapter for a book with the same title.

In it, i hope to offer the readers a path by which they can do what i did.
To piece together the understanding of which we all carry a part.

I call this method "the self-lying puzzle'.
Put the pieces of the puzzle together, and they give the whole picture.

In this case, the science of life is about the role of Freedom of Choice in matter.
This is where (all) living beings differ from dead matter described by classical science.

In our body we see how cells produce materials which respond to information.
Mae-Wan Ho helped me see how these materials differ from those of classical science.

Peter Rowlands and Cyril Smith helped me see this in more detail, by describing the work of Herbert Fröhlich.
This helped me see how the findings of Robert Becker and Björn Nordenström help understand what happens.

In our body we see that photons shift the relationship of electrons in atoms, changing material organisation.
A light field interacts with an electromagnetic field, changing the chemistry of free electrons, resulting in the materialisation by bound electrons.

Hans Selye's work helped me see how this is the essence of the regulatory system.
Therein, the pineal gland, hypophysis, glands and cells relate (respectively) to those electric fields.

Roel van Wijk helped me see more of the integrative role of the light field in the body.
Jan van der Greef helped me see more in detail how the molecular cycles vary information.
Phil Callahan had already explained to me that all molecules are antennae; carriers of information.
Bert Verveen had already shown me that the feedback cycles in the body determine health and disease.

Bill Tiller gave me the key to understanding the connection between information and matter; in the crossing point of the electric wave and magnetic wave in a light beam.
Peter Rowlands (many years after) showed me the mathematics he had created to understand what happens in that zero point transition.

Vanessa Hill had found exactly the same pattern, in the geometry of the biology of life, as Peter Rowlands found in his algebra.
Suzy Vrobel offered a key to my understanding of 4D time fields: they can be cascaded as a Fractal.

Charles Rowlatt helped me by showing how in the body the information processing cycles all have their own time scale.
That helped me to peace together the understanding how and why our body maintains Health (The Equation of Health).

Karl Pribram had already described that our brain (and body) operates by the principle of a Hologram; in motion.
Dan Winter helped me understand how this hologram related the various shapes of a vortex fractal.

Diego Rapoport has described how the principles of physics, and mind, can both be understood as a vortex; Richard Amoroso describes the same.
Lawrence Edwards, had already shown that the vortex can be found at, as, the core of life forms.

This helped me find the core of the work of the Science of Life: the vortex is a dimensional operator, linking 3D, 2D, 1D and 0D.
That helped me understand what i had already found in a different manner: the logic of creation is 4D.

Creation involves the act of integrating the dynamics of generating, operating and destroying system boundaries.
We experience/operate the same in our own body: it is based on setting and resetting system boundaries.

Life is about the involvement of Freedom of Choice in switching between a Boundary and as Field.
Everything we experience in our body deals with sensing how we experience/create boundary transitions.

Bruce Lipton brought together the information on the manner in which this happens in a cell, by four proteins.
Lynn Margulis presented her insight that the Eukaryote cell formed out of the symbiosis of 4 forms of microbes.

That 4-fold logic van be recognised throughout nature; and can be recognised as the foundation of our body.
The sensory system (sensor, neuron, plexus, brain) and the 4 brain'halves' are examples of the same.

The simplicity of the complexity of 4D information processing is seen in our levels of consciousness, and the sleep cycle.
José Lara had already brought together their relationship in a pragmatic practical manner; Valerie Hunt and Itzhak Bentov had described how this works in our body.

Cyril Smith has worked out how the body frequencies operate as meridians, and can be stored, programmed, into water.
Saskia Bosman has described how the chackras correspond with molecular frequencies in the glands; with the pivotal role of the pineal gland.

Walter Schempp has shown in mathematics how the body operates beyond the quantum Heisenberg Uncertainty.
This helps understand that, and how, the node of Freedom of Choice does not operate in matter, but in phase space.

Peter Marcer has shown me various examples of holographic models in physics, and reality. Such as the de la Warr camera; and the DNA phantom image of Peter Garyaev

There are many others who have helped me get my mind 'on the rails' by building mental "on ramps" and "off ramps".
Many discussions were not about the ability to describe this in physics or mathematics, but how to live this.

This book, the Science of Life, is meant as a first invitation, to join in and see that we are always involved 'observers'.
We are not creatures, but creators; we all have Freedom of Choice, and learn how to use it via our bodies.

Science of Life is therewith an essential foundation for a science of health and healing, and for social well being.
It helps how body, mind, soul and spirit are all integrated in our body and life, and can be used combined for healing.

This book, Science of Life, is an invitation for participation in exploration: see science in the making.
The answer is already clear: everything we think and do matters; materialisation/manifestation is consequential.

Kathleen Forsythe had already made me aware of the existence of “Blind Spots in Science”.
Later I identified them as the qualities of scientists: “Life, Love, Consciousness and Health”.

We can now give an explicit answer to the question "What is Life?": it is the use of Freedom of Choice.
We can now also define the precise nature of Health: It is the holographic fractal coherence of nodes of freedom of choice.

We also now can understand the fundamental nature of life: experience the connectedness with all, IN the interface.
We also now can define consciousness clearly: it is the operation in phase space, by which we act with freedom of choice.

Surprisingly, all of it can be understood in terms of one concept; a universal holographic 4D vortex.
In essence it can be understood as the 'pixel' for the hologram for uniVersal creation; which we form part of.

Our body is based in that same principle; and serves as 'mouse, keyboard, screen and computer'.
In our body we see, that the software 'prints out' the hardware: the information keeps the matter coherent.

In death, we see how the information field collapses; and the materialisation field collapses with it.
We can extend the understanding from physics, chemistry, electromagnetism and mathematics.
It is that art of abstraction by which we can see that matter is molecules of atoms of formation in formation.
Nassim Haramein calculated how little energy is needed to build the pressure bubble for atomic materialisation.

It is the same principle which we see reflected in the organisation of our cell; as the core of the cell colony which we call our body.
As Nassim Haramein also showed: the size of our cell lies midway the edges of the uniVerse; between the whole and the nought.

Zack Jones helped me see how we can understand matter as form of information.
He confirmed my notion that gravity, orgone, qi and electromagnetic coherence are ‘same’.

It is that naught, that zero point, which really matters: that is where we see the emergence of new dimensions, and dimensional changes.
That is where we can reorganise the relationships of dimensions; which links 3D with 2D with 1D in 0D: it is the pivot for/of change.

That is where we can focalise and localise the pivot of Freedom of Choice; it is the Fulcrum Galileo was seeking.
It is the one point where we can shift the axis of the universe as a while: it is where we shift our boundary, and self-definition.

Life is an art; and the Science of Life brings us as far as we can describe it:
Freedom of Choice is the Dimensional Operator, in the zero point; by which we change our participation in creation.
We do this by resetting the boundary, by crossing a boundary in an act of Vortex Rotation.
Which however can be experienced only and cannot be described:

    Life is the act/art of creation by operating Freedom of Choice.
    Science of life merely helps point out what Freedom of choice is; and where it is located.

Freedom of choice lies not within matter, but between (changes of) matter.
It is the Quintessence, which the alchemists described.
We can now define that it is a Dimensional Operator (which we can imagine in the form of a Vortex).
And we can define where it is located within our body: in the holographic fractal of phase transitions of cell division.

This gives an impressive understanding of the simple complex nature of our being.
In the Fractal unfolding of the Zygote, we can see the formation of coherence of our whole body.

This is the basis for the understanding of Health.
Jaap van der Wal helped me look in this direction.

Looking the other way, we see how sex is the integrative factor for creating the Zygote.
There we see the inverse: how cell fusion forms a cascade forming your uniqueness.
This offers the basis of/for understanding social health of humanity: it is the inverse of bodily health.
This principle of inversion (present in the core description of the Vortex Fractal) is the link between information and matter.

That is an impressive outcome also of the creation of the science of life; as it emerges out of the combined with of the mentioned authors (And others).
In the science of life we can make use of every finding of material science; and understand how it does not describe the observation but the observer.

Uri Fidelmann has pointed this out: all fundamental equations of science, are in fact formulation of the way our brain organises information.
The findings of material science are not about the nature of matter, but reflections of the way we create reality as a realisation.

This means that we can now invert the process: we can be very specific about the way we relate to or observation.
We are not 'objective observers', scientists do not stand outside of reality; they can stop 'playing god'.

Our involvement matters; and if we consider ourselves outsiders, that makes us response-unable.
Science has become irresponsible (presently destroying the planet) because scientists deemed themselves un-response-able.

That was simply the consequence of their (erroneous) belief that they were 'outsiders'.
Science of Life puts the scientist back in the picture; and shows that they are response-able.

By our Freedom of Choice, we put creation in motion.
Like the "sorcerer's Apprentice", we learn to cope with the consequences of our participation in creation.

Therein we always have a Choice.
Freedom of Choice means that we are really free to make choices.
That means we can chose to go against the way the uniVerse functions.
As our body is the universe in inVerse, we experience the consequences within us.

When we individually make wrong choices, we destroy the integrity of our body.
When we collectively make wrong choices, we destroy the integrity of our context.
In both cases it is a self-limiting disease; a self-eliminating computation.
By turning against nature we simply turn against our own nature; we die.

The opposite however is much more exciting: participation in creation.
We all have Freedom of Choice; we are all creators in Creation.
We now can se that this can be described as a 4D Vortex Logic.
We can also understand how it forms the core of the way our body cells are related; within us and between us.

I invite you in a journey, and exploration.
In reading the work of various authors, i was able to see how their ideas fit together.
In my mind i saw the emergence of the integral picture; as a self-lying puzzle.
I invited to each write a chapter, so you can follow their ideas and understand for yourself.

Life is about participation in creation.
What we describe of nature, is a reflection of how we relate to our own nature.
Everything we understand about material science can be turned around in a Science of Life.
Therefore, herewith, we welcome you in this fascinating exploration of the Science of Life.

Feel well


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