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Science of Life - Suzie Vrobel - The Time fractal

Dear Suzy,

Please contribute a chapter to a book, “Science of Life”.
Your work on the Time Fractal helped me to bring together much of the understanding which lies at the basis for the Science of Life.

When I heard you describe your concept of the Time Fractal in the CASYS conference, I realised that you have found the same as I in my paper on the 4 Dimensions of time. I felt that your formulation presented a much better angle; it ‘connected the dots’.

Later I saw how, using the model of the Time Fractal, I could understand the whole ‘decision tree’ of cell division in one simple manner. Instead of looking at cells dividing, I could look at all cell divisions at a time.

In the time fractal, it is possible to trace the existence of every cell back to the first cell, the zygote. The unfolding could also be regarded in inverse: as feed forward and feedback cycles.

This was the basis for my paper “the equation of Health”, in which I could bring together what you wrote on the time fractal, with the system physiology process loops) which Bert Verveen had beautifully worked out, and the concept of time-field ‘lacunations’ as a basis of disease as Charles Rowlatt had brought up in a conversation.

The concept of the Equation of Health is very simple; thanks to ‘your’ time fractal. Imagine the unfolding of the first cell - as a cartoon movie. Then you see the lightning like trail from the first cell, forming the whole body.
In our contact with our context, information flows back into the body - not just in the present, but into the coherence of the whole body as it unfolded from the first cell.
That means that health can be directly understood as the principle of dynamic coherence; not in space, but in time.

By the way: long ago, Kenneth Rand explained to me that lightning connects space and time: a lightning bolt jumps a fixed distance, and then waits a fixed time.
Long before that I had already found the work of Holten (?), Horten(?), showing how lightning, rivers, trees and the vessels in our body all represent the same patter. Which later were called ‘fractal’.

The form of the blood vessels, nervous system, lymph ducts are characteristic for the vegetative system; call it the nature of plant life within us. That is also where the findings of Lawrence Edwards are so helpful: he showed that those fractal forms of plants are related to the egg-shape of the seeds But that those are directly related to the dynamics of a Vortex.

That, by the way, helped me understand how the atoms can be regarded in a same manner: as vortex-egg-shapes; in which the smooth avocado seed and the very geometric pine cone are variations of the same principle. (By the way, that shape of the fine cone relates to the pineal gland, which responds to the day/night time rhythms.)

I invite you to write a chapter on your finding of the Time Fractal:

  1. What gave you the idea to look for it and find it?
  2. How did your understanding take shape; what helped you?
  3. Having discovered the concept of the Time Fractal; how does it help you - and us all?
  4. How do you see that the Time Fractal can be of help for understanding the Science of Life, in and beyond how it already helped me as I described above?
  5. I ask you to condense your insight in 6 pages of text, plus 4 pages for images, diagrams, tables art work; Half a page of with for references to your web site and (for the Science of Life) relevant writings.

Feel well


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