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Science of Life - Walter Schempp - Body Hologram Integrity

Dear Walter,

Please contribute a chapter to a book, “Science of Life”.
Your description of the way in which you resolved the Heisenberg Uncertainty, by a double computation, seems characteristic for the way we compute Freedom of Choice in our body.
The use of Freedom of Choice is a basis for the Science of Life.

With your mathematical approach you help understand something which I had already learned from the work of Mae-Wan Ho: that body cells are able to capture electrons. This means that they can ‘predict’ both the position and speed; which Heisenberg said he could not.

In my medical studies I had already learned that our body is not a material mechanical object. A Nobel Prize had already been given to the physicist who realised that the mitochondrion was in fact a particle accelerator, making it possible to ‘upgrade’ ADP to ATP as the fuel for the body.

Many others have likewise made clear that our body is not an object, but a kind of supercomputer. In which the software seems to compute the hardware: when the software ceases, the hardware collapses.

You have studied and come to understand the complement of this concept. You created mathematical models which are used for constructing functional MRI devices, by which now even separate nerve strands can now be made visible in the body, thanks to your work.

Your use of mathematics goes farther than what I learned in engineering school; where I majored in math to help understand how we model our understanding
Your calculations show what we seem to do in our body: it does not know of Heisenberg’s limitations, and computes reality ‘from both sides’.

This is also what I learned from the work of Karl Pribram: the brain operates by the principles of a hologram  in which information (‘math’) and matter  are directly linked.. I infer that the whole body is in fact a kind of hologram, in which a light field is linked with an electromagnetic field which oscillates as flows of free electrons and can condense as fields with bound electrons. Informatics, EM, chemistry and physics are interlinked, in our body.

This is traditionally known as the Four Elements; Fire, Air, Water an Earth. Nowadays we call those the 4 phases of matter: plasma, gas, liquid and solid.
The Alchemists drew attention for the specific special relationship between them: the 5 Element or Quintessence: the capacity to transmute from one phase to another.
Nowadays we can describe this in terms of changes of the degrees of freedom, in fact: changes in dimensional organisation. The Quintessence is a dimensional operator, which makes it possible to change from one phase to another.

I modelled that in a schematic diagram; as the relationship between a point (plasma), line (gas), plane (liquid) and tetrahedron (solid). By ‘unhinging’ the nodes in the geometric figures, the one relates to the other.

In our body we see that this is the essence of its existence: atoms from our environment enter into our blood stream, are taken into the ells, and used for processing information. Calcium is an example. From the food it goes via the blood to be stored in the bone to be used for nerve for relaying information signals.

We can see, in our body, that freedom of choice does not exist in the states of matter, but in the transition between the phases of matter.
Your description of the calculation of the solution to overcome the Heisenberg Uncertainty, is what is see in the dynamics of Freedom of Choice as it operates on the interface between matter and information, in the dynamics of cell fusion/division as we experience it in the Time Fractal which links all cells in our body with our first cell; the Zygote.

In this book I ask Suzy Vrobel to describe the Time Fractal, and Lynn Margulis to show how all ‘zygotes’ of all species are interlinked.

Your mathematics shows where the Heisenberg Uncertainty can be resolved. That means that it also specifies where the location of Freedom of Choice can be found in the body. Because that is the locus where our decisions collapse the vector of state, and create the reality that we live in, so to say.

Evidently there is much yet to explore, but your work and that of all others in this book help make clear which starting points already exist; which can then be used as stepping stones, as pieces of the self-lying puzzle by which the Science of Life can be developed.


I invite you to write a chapter on your work and findings:

  1. What gave you the idea to look for the solution of the Heisenberg Uncertainty, and find it?
  2. How did your understanding take shape; what helped you?
  3. Having discovered the concept; how does it help you - and us all?
  4. How do you see that this understanding can be of help for understanding the Science of Life, in and beyond how it already helped me as I described above?
  5. I ask you to condense your insight in 6 pages of text, plus 4 pages for images, diagrams, tables art work; Half a page of with for references to your web site and (for the Science of Life) relevant writings.

Feel well


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