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Dear Peter,

Please contribute a chapter to a book, “Science of Life”.
I have a very specific request: Can you offer the readers a context?

Will you please help the readers by putting the work in this book into perspective? Help them with examples? Help them understand why researchers like you, and the authors of this book, come to explore the unknown? What is it like, to come up with new findings? What is it like to come up with new insights for which there is as yet no understanding, and there are as yet no words?

Would you please help the readers understand how scientists have become so disconnected from science? Somehow the scientist became disconnected from

In the CASYS conferences you have, over the years, given beautiful examples of the holographic nature of information processing in our body.
You presented the de la Warr camera; you presented the talk of the Phantom DNA of Peter Garayev; and the sound hologram of a fish in an aquarium.


In the first chapter of the book, an overview is presented of authors contributing to this book. Many of them are familiar to your: you invited them to CASYS. There are many others who have researched life and consciousness; Michel Bounias was one of those.

I invite you to write a chapter summarising your work and findings:

  1. What gave you the idea to look for the properties of symbiosis between microbes, and find it?
  2. How did your understanding take shape; what helped you?
  3. Having discovered the concept; how does it help you - and us all?
  4. How do you see that this understanding can be of help for understanding the Science of Life, in and beyond how it already helped me as I described above?
  5. I ask you to condense your insight in 6 pages of text, plus 4 pages for images, diagrams, tables art work; Half a page of with for references to your web site and (for the Science of Life) relevant writings.

Feel well


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