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Science of Life – Bill Tiller – Transcending Limitations

Dear Bill,

Please contribute a chapter to a book, “Science of Life”.
The discussion we had, long ago, in your office, forms a key by which is was able to come to understand how Freedom of Choice operates in our body.

At that time you told me that the electric wave and the magnetic wave cross, in weaving an electromagnetic wave train.
“But”, you pointed out”, that crossing is not as precise as the text books present it.

That is how I came to understand that the crossing point in the EM ‘light wave’ is also the pivot for the storage of information. The closer to the crossing point, the more information van be stored.

Since, I have learned of the work of Peter Rowlands, who describes what happens in that zero point, in detail. Vanessa Hill shows that the geometry in biology is the same as the algebra of Peter Rowlands. Diego Rapoport shows that the zero-point transition of the light cone can be better modelled by a Vortex; of which the model applies for both mind and matter. Richard Amoroso found the same.

In combination with the Time fractal of Suzy Vrobel, it is possible to understand that such zero point transitions (the vortex inversions) can be understood in terms of a Time Fractal. That means that it is possible to stack the vortices, in a very coherent manner.

You have described the same and shown that the Time Cone of relativity has harmonic wave bands: there is a logic by which such cones vortices) can be stacked; and that they help understand the complexity of reality in a more simple manner.

Your diagram of the transition of the barrier of light is crucial in the understanding that I got from our later correspondence. The energy that you need to put in to crossing the barrier of light, all comes back when you integrate into the boundary itself fully, and do the right rotation to go through it. It is at that level that I now see that the integration of information with matter takes place, in the system boundary of our body.

Hm, that system boundary is not a simple matter. It is where matter and information interchange. Bruce Lipton describes how proteins play a role in transcribing information into DNA over a cell membrane. Suzy Vrobel helps understand that all cell membranes are in essence one membrane, connected by a Time fractal. Herbert Fröhlich showed how we need to regard this in terms, not of matter, but of electromagnetic field (in different phase states). And Bjórn Nordenström made explicit that we need to understand what happens at that level as ergonars and infornars: energy and information. In other words: our body, composed of atoms knitted together, is an electromagnetic field, in which the carrier wave is considered to be matter, and the signal wave is called mind. I know, this is an oversimplification.

In your work you have studied this in detail, and described how meridians and homeopathy all tie in with this understanding of carrier wave and signal waves in electromagnetic communication in the body.
Cyril Smith has been able to specify what frequencies meridians operate, and how many frequencies can be stacked and stored in water, as is done on homeopathic remedies.
Karl Pribram took that understanding a level further and generalised his findings of the working of the brain into the understanding that the brain operates by the principle of a hologram; that in fact our whole body is a hologram.
Walter Schempp now has managed to calculate what happens for the interaction of holograms in the body, and managed to resolve the Heisenberg Uncertainty, which helps to understand freedom of choice in our body.

I invite you describe what you see to be the core concepts for the study of the Science of life; and to formulate an invitation to the readers as to “what next?” is needed.

    Please write a chapter summarising your work and findings:

  1. What gave you the idea to look for the properties of consciousness and matter, and find it?
  2. How did your understanding take shape; what helped you?
  3. Having discovered the concept; how does it help you – and us all?
  4. How do you see that this understanding can be of help for understanding the Science of Life, in and beyond how it already helped me as I described above?
  5. I ask you to condense your insight in 6 pages of text, plus 4 pages for images, diagrams, tables art work; Half a page of with for references to your web site and (for the Science of Life) relevant writings.

Feel well



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