Johanna Buchenau Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Science of Life - Johanna Buchenau - Subjective observer

Dear Johanna,

Please contribute a chapter to a book, “Science of Life”.
Specifically, please reflect on the meaning Science of Life may have for your medical work and personal understanding as a reader.

You like to read what happens in science.
And, working as a doctor, you know that we need a Science of Life.

This book is meant to bring both interests together.
I welcome your first reactions when reading this book.

    1) Specifically, for each chapter:

    1.1) What are to you the most important points which  you read in the chapter?
    1.2) How is what you read relevant for your medical profession?

Ideally, both as a paragraph each, for each chapter of the book.

    2) Also, with respect to the whole project, Science of Life:

    2.1) Why were you interested in studying this book?
    2.2) What is your general understanding what this book presents; what helped you?
    2.3) Does the Science of Life help you personally with the insights it offers?
    2.4) How do you see that the Science of Life can be of help for the health care profession and humanities in general?

Perhaps you would be willing to summarise this in a half page, each?

I ask you to condense your insight in 6 pages of text, plus 4 pages for images, diagrams, tables art work; Half a page of with for references which you think may help other readers in understanding Science of Life.

Feel well


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