Foreword Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Freedom of Choice is the essence of life.
Freedom of Choose is the capacity for internal/external adaptation.
Freedom of Choice operates with/in living organism (in the system interface).
Freedom of Choice is based in the integration of Information with/in matter.

Freedom of choice operates with/in/on our body, reflexes, beliefs and reality.
Reality/Beliefs/Reflexes/Body however are created by our living body (cells).

The discoveries of science formulate the structure of (‘inert’/’dead’) physical matter.
Science of Life is about the way consciousness/information creates those fixed patterns.

Most people learn about the so-called laws of material science; and call them Reality.
Most people do not learn how we operate freedom of choice, as we do in Realisation.
Most people are not told how we put ideas in action in our living being: “magic”.
Most people do not know/study the principles of integrity in acting: “healing.

These Essays on Freedom of Choice address our participation in creation, as creators.
We are not creatures, because our choices shape our soul: life/memories/reflexes/DNA.
This is why we must also realise that legal entities have no soul, and are irresponsible.
Conversely, we MUST Respect every living being for likewise having Freedom of Choice.

- - -

These Essays address very fundamental ideas: how we make and remake ideas.
This includes how we share ideas with others, and interact with others via ideas.
More important than our ideas however is how we create and change our ideas.
What we are dealing with here is the health of our body of knowledge, and human(ity).

If you have never thought about ideas, (y)our ideas, and the nature of ideas, be patient.
First realise that ideas are real; and that in fact “Reality” is but a “Realisation”.
Nothing is real, unless we make it so and hold it to be so, together (all life forms).
Also realise that we cannot use words/language, refering to Reality, for Realisation.

Science has created a very specific language, with specific language rules, for this.
It is the language of generalisation, by abstraction, using symbols, and their own logic.
It is a symbolic language for how we think and how we communicate; and create ideas.
It is however only a reflection of how we think; it is not the act of thinking itself.

The act of thinking you can ONLY experience within your own being; also in your body.
In our body we can see how our body cells respond to our ideas, and put them in action.
In our body we must also look for the way our body cells create the basis of our ideas.
Then we can also identify how we can create and change ideas, by understanding cell division (decisions).

- - -

That is where we find the basis of Freedom of choice:
In the cell dynamics of (de-/re-)creating molecules.
This is best seen in the on-going coherent dynamic of cell division (decisions).
This takes place in-between material phases, of atomolecular formation: in phase space.

Freedom of Choice is based on the 4D Dynamic Logic operating in Phase Space.
Freedom of Choice operates with/in/withing the system boundaries singularities.
Freedom of Choice is activated within the dynamic of body cell division decisions.
Freedom of Choice is experienced within the “Consciousness Activation Cascade”.

- - -

All these principles are explained in the texts of these Essays.

The Essay Bundle presents four themes:

[Freedom of Choice - The Quintessence]
[Sovereign Being]
[Freedom to Choose - Curriculum]


There are four attachment to the foreword:

[Collapse of the Vector of State]
[Shifting the Paradigm]
[Critical Mass]
[Realising Reality]


Freedom of Choice comprises four aspects (“i-god”):

                 i - Integrate
                G - Generate
                O - Operate
                D - Destroy


The Foreword presents these four topics (see below):

[Freedom of Choice - Beyond Belief]
[Freedom of Choice - in 4 Parts]
[Freedom of Choice -  Curriculum]
[Freedom of Choice -  Curriculum Items]


Freedom of Choice - Beyond Belief

‘Prerequisite’ for understanding Freedom of Choice is to know of DeDogmatisation.
This involves the recognition, detection and resolution of (y)our unconscious beliefs.
This also involves the understanding that (y)our belief patterns are interconnected.
You cannot come to understand Freedom of Choice from within ‘material science’.

[P svenska]

Your Beliefs are mental reflexes/fixations, created by using Freedom of Choice.
This means that you cannot get to know Freedom of Choice in/as beliefs (“Reality”).
You can only experience/discover freedom of choice in changing beliefs (“Realisation”).
That means that you cannot operate Freedom of Choice via what you know (science) but only in getting to know: learning (Sciencing).

‘Science’ (by church order) ignored (and denied) the role of Freedom of Choice.
Witch Hunts by the Inquisition in part aimed to eliminate the art of Alchemy.
Alchemy is the realisation that degrees of freedom determine “transmutation”.
The counterpart of Transmutation of matter is Freedom of Choice in our mind.

The use of Freedom of Choice requires Respect, Response-ability and Reliability.
Every living being has, and operates, freedom of Choice in a unique manner.
Like the hub in a wheel, freedom of choice, in matter operates within ‘lacunations’.
The ‘architecture’ if the lacunations with freedom of choice, is known as the soul.

The localisations of those lacunation are in part, part of the body, and part of mind.
The physical locations of the lacunations lies in the moments of cell division decisions.
The mental location of lacunation lies in the transition between thoughts and thinking.
It is, quite literally, on/in the interface between “noun” (Reality) and “verb” (Realisation).

The understanding of Freedom of Choice requires understanding how physics relates to metaphysics.
The ‘laws of nature’ determining coherence of matter reflect the laws of logic determining coherence of ideas.
In our body we see that molecules for our physical body, their circulation forms our mind.
This is the underlying principle:

photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-valency <=> electron-bonding.

This operates as logic in phase organisation: metaphysics => physics.
This operates with the dynamic of all living cells; Realisation => Reality.
This operated as universal information in formation process: non-local => Local.
That, is the fundamental basis for understanding (our use of) Freedom of Choice.

For those versed in physics, the following scientists describe associated ideas:

For those wishing to know more about (y)our involvement, read these scientists:


Freedom of Choice - in 4 Parts

  1. Starting Point for these Essays is the detailed description of Freedom of Choice.
    This specifies how Freedom of Choice operates with/in the Singularities of the uniVerse.
    We can be very precise about what it is, and how it works - in 4 dimensions.
    We can also be very precise about why we cannot describe it; There, you are free to choose.
  2. The second step is to relate Freedom of Choice to earlier knowledge: it is the Quintessence.
    Alchemists described how Freedom of Choice operates within our body.
    The transmutation of elements, addressed the 4 phases states in our body.
    Thereby we can understand how health and healing, life and consciousness are all interconnected.
  3. More important than the description is our experience: how we live it.
    All societies have always described the quest for autonomy, in many myths and sagas.
    All those stories are expressions of the way Freedom of Choice operates within us.
    By inverting the stories, we can find how we use Freedom of Choice, individually and together.
  4. Most important however is our direct experience, use, of Freedom of Choice (“Magic”).
    That is where we operate as creators in creation (by choosing our involvement).
    However, we each (every life form) have difficulty with Freedom of Choice.
    Together with Freedom of choice comes the requirement, to Respect it in all life forms.

Freedom of Choice -  Curriculum

This curriculum is designed to help you use Freedom of Choice.
It starts with understanding Black Holes: the places of the Total Unknown.
It then explains how quantum leaps determine unique cell activation.
But most important, how we use this at other levels of consciousness.

You will find that most of the information here is known already.
Some insights are new, but essential for piecing the rest together.
Most important however is that you realise that reality is NOT real.
What matters if our ongoing learning by participation in creation.

We all have Freedom of Choice, an express that in Free Will.
We must therefor also all respect freedom of choice in all life forms.
Life is NOT about dominating the world we live in.
Life IS about developing quality, integrity. on (y)our soul.

Soul can be (and will be) explicitly defined in this curriculum.
Together with the way in which we can make, and extend, choices.
That leads to understanding Hell, Purgatory, Paradise and Heaven.
But: most important, is explains that Magic is toe be an art of/for Healing.

If you find your beliefs block your understanding, realise that that is a choice.
This curriculum explains how we create "reality", beliefs, reflexes and bones.
That helps understand how to change consciousness to change reality/beliefs.
You will discover that/how involvement matters, you are Creator in Creation.

In our body we see how information is integrated with/in matter.
That must be understood up to, and beyond, the subatomic level.
It leads to understanding the uniVerse as a form of information in formation.
With full appreciation of the individual uniqueness of every living being.

Freedom of Choice -  Curriculum Items

  • 4D Dynamic Logic {O#o}
    (Yes, No, Maybe, Don't know)
  • System Theory {Ludwig von Bertalanffy}
    (System, Boundary, Interaction, Integration)
  • Black Holes {Nassim Haramein} Pivots for unknowing; places for choice
    (Quanta, Proton, Cell, uniVerse)
  • 4D Cosmology
    (Void, Cosmic Gas, Stars,Planets)
  • 4D Manifestation
    (Phase Information, EM, Chemistry, Physics)
  • 4D Manifestation of consciousness
    (Quantum Leap, Electron leap, Valency, Bonding)
  • 4D Vortex {Lawrence Edwards}
    Braiding Choices {Dan Winter}
  • 4D Cell Memory {Bruce Lipton}
    Sensor-, Portal-, Linking- & DNA-Mantle proteins)
  • 4D Sensory System
    (Dimensions of information sharing)
  • 4D Brain Halves
    (Front, Left, Right, Rear)
  • 4D Brain Memory
    (Rear, front, Mid, Pineal)
  • 4D Manifestations of Life
    (Cells, Plants, Animals, Sapients Sapiens)
  • 4D Consciousness Activation Cascade
    (How ideas are put in action)
  • 4D Living Body
    (Anatomy, Physiology, Regulation, Integration)
  • 4D Alchemy
    (Earth, Water, Air, Fire(Light))
  • 4D Cell Cycle
    (Metabolism/Learning/Sleep/Ageing Cycles)
  • 4D Healing
    (Spirit, Homeo/Meridian, Food Chain, Somatic)
  • 4D Choices
    (Instant, Fractal, 'p-adic', coherent/network)
  • 4D Humanity
    (Individual, Relationships, Circles, Network)


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