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Freedom of Choice is the ESSENCE of life.
(So-called) “Dead Matter” has NO freedom of choice.
’Scientific’ models deny/ignore (formulation of) Freedom of Choice.
(So-Called) Objective Reality is a LINGUISTIC OBJECT (Model) only.

We can(not) confuse objective reality (a model) with subjective realisation.
We can confuse the two, because we all have Freedom of Choice.
We Cannot confuse them, because if we do, we create ‘hell’ on Earth.
“Hell” is the traditional word for a Closed system, WITHOUT Freedom of Choice.

This series of Essays makes explicit why we cannot describe Freedom of Choice.
We can discuss it, identify it, but we cannot formulate it.
Like the void in the hub of a wheel, it is in the wheel but not part of it.
Likewise Freedom of Choice is in matter, but not part of it.

We can now address Freedom of Choice, and consciousness.
We  can understand that it operates at/from subatomic levels.
That also means that it operates at the level of the cosmic void.
It is (traditionally) known as the Ether, or (nowadays) Phase Space.

Freedom of Choice operates in/at/as every cell division.
Freedom of Choice operates in the System Interface of all Living Beings.
Freedom of Choice operates in/as any/every system singularity.
Freedom of Choice operates as the subatomic changes of phase/state
(coherence: information in formation).

We witness Freedom of Choice in every Pause Phase of any cell cycle.
We Operate Freedom of Choice in any Quantum/Photon leap in our body.
We execute Freedom of Choice by interfacing: connecting possible choices.
Life is about experiencing/creating coherence in life choices (‘weaving waves’).

Black Hole

This essay series starts with a formulation of Black Holes (following Nassim Haramein).
Therein the Quantum, Proton, Cell and Cosmos are all Black Holes.
A Black Hole (unpredictability) is the same as Freedom of Choice.
Freedom of Choice is Galileo’s “Fulcrum”, where we can change the universe as a whole.

The change of the universe is traditionally known as Magic.
”Magic”, a Sanskrit word, refers to our “Creative Potential”.
When we realise it, and use it, it is our Creative Power.
It is the power by which choices => ideas => actions => changes the world we live in/on.

We change (create/destroy) our environment by changing our involvement.
In our body we can see how that dynamic takes place.
Photon (quantum) Leap => Electron Leap => Valence Change => Electron (un)bonding.
Light <=> Electromagnetism <=> Chemistry <=> Physics.

In Life we operate the dynamics of cosmic creation.
All principles of universal creation operate with/in our Living body.
These principles operate with/in phase space (‘the hub in the wheel’).
The dynamics of uniVersal creation, takes place as change in information (in formation).

In all living bodies we see that ... without information integration, it dies.
Life is not based on the continued coherence of matter.
Life is based on the continued change in coherence of matter.
Life is based on ONE element only: Freedom of Choice.

System Singularities

These Essays show how Freedom of Choice operates in/as System Singularities.
A singularity is a ‘space’ where the part is part of the whole.
In that singularity, the system turns itself inside-out (Total System Inversion).
It is the place where the whole is experienced with/in the part.

Religion has tried to describe this.
Religion failed because it failed to use singularity theory.
Singularity Theory now makes it possible to show how everything is linked.
The science of singularities is called Topology: the science of Dimensional Changes.

The fundamental description for changes/of/between/in Dimensions is called Logic.
Logic is thereby also the formulations of any/every change in involvement.
Dimensions, Logic, Involvement and Freedom of Choice are all one.
In using Freedom of choice we change our involvement; and … learn from our mistakes.

From dimensional logic we see that the word WE therein has double meaning.
We, individually, all learn from making errors in using Freedom of Choice.
We, collectively, all learn from making errors in using Freedom of Choice.
What matters is not that we can make errors, but that we can learn from making errors (from ourselves, and from each other).

Flux Funnels

Freedom of Choice operates within the singularities of the system.
Specifically, it operates there by/as/in the system turning itself inside out.
This Inversion Dynamics has a fundamental form: that of a Vortex.
A Vortex is a dimensional shape/dynamic which operates in 4 dimensions.

Imagine a [3D] bath filled with water: a volume of matter.
Imagine the surface [2D] sinking after the plug is removed.
Imagine the [1D] stream lines by which the water drains away.
Imagine the [0D]) plug as the point where the system inverts.

Lawrence Edwards described how the Vortex is fundamental in Nature.
He described this in his book entitled “The Vortex of Life” (!985).
He showed that the vortex is based on a line inverting in itself.
His finding has general meaning: it shows how Singularities are Linked.

Dan Winter has elaborated this understanding and studied its implications.
Any singularity in the universe can be represented by vortex.
A Vortex is also the representation for universal cosmic creation.
The universe, as we know it, is a Vortex interplaying with/in itself.

Matti Pitkänen describes how these interconnections can be described.
They can be represented by Flux Funnels, between states of coherence.
These Flux Funnels can be interpreted (i.a.) as meta Maxwell ‘field lines’.
Together these lines determine uniVersal coherence, in a ‘hologram’ dynamic.

We can regard the universe as one integral dynamic, hologram, of creation.
Creation is based on a point turning inside out on itself (Systemic Inversion).
The inversion of a point in 3D MUST take place in another dimension.
That other dimension is the one we normally call a point, the zero-dimension.

It means that we can/must describe cosmic creation in 4 Dimensions.
We MUST relate the 3 dimensions of the space to that Zero-Dimension.
In mathematics that is called the Point, Line, Plane and a Volume.
What matters is that the whole space, any space, every space, originates’ in that point.

Cell Division

That we see explicitly in the dynamic of Cell Division.
Every Cell in our living body originates from one single ‘simple’ cell, by division.
That single ‘simple’ cell however originated from cell fusion.
Therein ALL your, our, ancestors contributed to the creation of (Y)our first cell.

Therein we see another example of the (inversion) dynamics of the Vortex.
The First Cell is the Point from which your [3D] body ‘unfolded.
That same First Cell is also the [0D] Point in which humanity came together.
We are human AND humanity, all at the same time.

We each, all, live in two different complementary realities.
We are, at the same time, Human AND Humanity.
We are, at the same time, the part AND the whole.
We are, simultaneously, creators AND creation.

The formulation of Freedom of Choice described Consciousness.
It addresses our participation in Creation – at every level of being.
It operates by our change in involvement – and learning from mistakes.
It describes the process of universal creation, as we live it.

It is based on the universal dynamic of/for Integration (Identity).
The first expression of creation is Generation (Newness).
The next phase of continuation of creation: Organisation (Operation).
The final phase for coherence in creation of Destruction (Elimination).

    Together these principle dynamics form an acronym: i-GOD.
    It is the literal formulation of the principle of creation, as we live it.
    It formulates, in precise terms, what traditionally was described as religion.
    It specifies how we operate freedom of choice in our life; and unifies religion and science.


The Mechanism if freedom of choice is very precise: phase change.
The Location of Freedom of Choice is very specific: in the singularities.
Our Use of Freedom of Choice is very defined: innerphasing the interface.
Our precise moment of Freedom of Choice is thereby known: every where, where we don’t know.

    This study of The Science of Life is based on a 4D Dynamic Logic.
    It has 4 elements: “Yes”, No”, Maybe” (Interface) and “Don’t Know” (Singularity).
    By knowing how all system singularities in the universe are connected, you know the precise location (‘fulcrum’) of/for Freedom of Choice.
    It is known as a locus of “Freedom of Choice” because only You can decide what You can/will (not) do with it.

If you choose NOT to  choose, your life will be Hell (closed system, dead).
If you choose inconsistently you experience Purgatory (undefined system).
If you make consistent coherent choices, you can create Paradise (peace/health).
The capacity for using Freedom of Choice is called Heaven, or Creation.

The capacity to create is innate in ALL living beings.
Freedom of Choice is the Quintessence which sets life apart fromn dead matter.
In our body we can see how Life is base on the integration of Information with Matter.
What matters is how, in our body, matter responds to information.

All  body materials are produced by conscious living cells.
All body materials are Piezo Electric or Liquid Crystal or Transitor or Intelligent Cell.
Therein, quantum leaps <=> electron leap <=> valancy change <=> change in materialisation.
Our living body is the alchemical vessel, which the alchemists always described.

In our body, solid # liquid # plasma # matter all interchange, all the time.
In our living body, physics = chemistry = electromagnetism = informatics.
We know it as Anatomy <=> Physiology <=> Regulatory System <=> Information Integration (consciousness).
Traditionally it is known as Body # Mind # Soul # Spirit.

All of these terms can now be precisely defined and understood.
In life, we are not dealing with matter, but the changes of matter.
We are not dealing with Reality, but with Realisation (Creation).
In life we experience that Realisation/creation are not nouns, but verbs.

This can NOT be addressed by objective science.
Objective Science is merely the description of linguistic Objects.
Life is not about Reality (description) but Realisation (Experience).
In the Science of Life both come together: experience of description.

Science addresses the objective description.
Religion addresses the subjective experience.
Science of life shows how dead matter corresponds with the models (phase states).
Science of Life proves that life is based on Freedom of Choice (Phase change).


These Essays are far more than linguistic mental explorations.
They are descriptions of fundamental/founded findings.
They specify hoe freedom of choice operate within our body.
But, as Free Choice is involved, the description can never be deterministic (thus: “Essays”).

As essays: they strive to describe what cannot (yet) be described.
They are precise on describing the models of Reality as we know them.
They are also precise in identifying where we find Freedom of Choice (Realisation).
What they cannot describe, is how we use Freedom of Choice.

Again: remember that the word “we” describes you individually and us collectively.
Yes, we have freedom of choice individually.
Yes, we have freedom of choice collectively.
What we need to learn is that the two ALWAYS complement each other (for all life forms).

The application of that duality as experience is described in Integral Health Care.
The understanding of that duality as exploration is described in Human Humanity.
The foundation of that duality is described in the Essays in the Science of Life.
The duality however finds its origin and basis in the system singularity from which the universe is formed: it is the foundation of Freedom of Choice.

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