Magic Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Tha art/act of magic is base on our use of the photon activation cascade.

  • photon-leap <=> electron-leap <=> Electron-valence <=> electron-bonding

We experience/operate this as the Consciousness Activation Cascade:

  • Pineal Gland <=> Hypophysis <=> Organ Glands <=> Body Cells.

This lead to the sequence of consequences of participation in creation:

  • Creaction <=> Interaction <=> Reaction <=> Action

This is best understood by the principles of disease - healing

  • Health <=> Adaptation <=> Compensation <=> DeCompensation

Magic involves the choice in change of our involvement: participation in creation.
Magic is based on our ability to (re)define our system interface definition.
Magic changes the openness/closure of our system boundary singularity logic.
Magic is the experience and use of the universal principle of/for creation: i-god:

  1. i : Indentify, integrate, integrity, information integration
  2. G: Generate
  3. O: Operate
  4. D: Destroy

These principles also have traditional descriptors

  1. Paradise (optimising Freedom of Choice)
  2. Heaven (capacity for creating choice)
  3. Purgatory (erraric use of Choice)
  4. Hell (denial of dreedom of Choice)

Magic has different ‘names’ depending on the previous four qualifiers

  1. Creation: Life, Love, Consciousness, Health
  2. White magic: healing
  3. Grey magic for pay/reward
  4. Black magic: egotistic


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