Collapse of the Vector of State Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Collapse of the Vector of State

The core of freedom of Choice lies in the Collapse of the Vector of State.
It is where photon leaps link to electron leaps, to electron valency and to electron bonding.
This is at the core of the formation of AtoMolecules; thus materialisation.
This is, literally, where information (in oration) matters.

The molecules of life are based on this dimensional logical dynamic.
The interactions between cells use this dimensional dynamic logic.
Body materials are all conceived to be able to respond to information.
Piezo-electric, liquid Crystals, Transistors, Intelligent gels: information processors.

The universe is a form of manifestation, of information forming matter.
This is what we see, experience and operate in our living body.
Anatomy is formed by physiology determined by the regulating system responding to the information integration system.
Freedom of Choice operates in/on the phase changes between the phase states.

  1. Freedom of Choice operates in Phase Space.
  2. Freedom of Choice is a logical operator (operating on dimensions).
  3. Freedom of Choice in/on the wave node.
  4. Freedom of Choice operates IN the system interface.
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