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Science, as a society, has become a dictator.
The findings of science/scientists are presented as-if dictates: ‘laws of nature’.
Those dictates are presented as laws for being, rather than laws for behaviour.
That puts the scientist in the role/position of a priest-king.

However, scientists - although they ‘played god’ (pretending to be ‘outsider-observer’) - are being played by people who act as-if god.
Banksters control the act and decisions by scientists, via funding
As in the past, where the Guilds were named after their collective gold supply.
Now still, scientists work for money and are thus dictated by/via money.

This makes science into a dictated, puppeteered, puppet-dictator.
Scientists could have discovered this, if they had applied science to themselves.
Science could have discovered the nature of Freedom of Choice and respect, if they had studied their conditions (thus conditioning).
Scientist could have looked in to money and discovered that it had a quantity, without quality, but that in nature that cannot exist.

    Quantities are countable identifiers for numbering amount of objects.
    Qualities are accountable indicators for relevance of involvement of identities.
    Quantities pertain to isolate objects (in conditions a.k.a. “hell”).
    Qualities pertain to subjective integrity (in circumstances of creation).

Classical science presented the belief in a closed system, i.e. total control; the model of slavery (presented as the sole property of matter, physical ‘state’).
Relativistic science realised that closure of any system is limited to its definition (and always determined by its dynamic, molecular ‘velocity’; “c”).
Probability science realised that closure/openness of any system is determined by its conditions (thus, conditioning by scientists, involving atomic acceleration: ’energy’).
Creative science realises that every system exists as the inVerse of the uniVerse and is thereby in dynamic interchange with every other system in existence (thus defined by the choices in interfacing in the interface/singularity, based in subatomic phase change: information in formation (‘logic’, “consciousness”).

‘Science’ has assumed that there exists something called ‘reality’.
Scientists were conditioned to accept that belief via their education = Rite for admission and Creed for participation to their Guild.
Scientists were controlled, like domesticated animals, via their (social) survival needs, via money.
Scientists could have discovered this if they had looked into the limitations of science by looking into the damage they have done (collectively individually) by disrespecting/denying Freedom of Choice as the foundation of creation.

Had scientists applied science to themselves they would have discovered this.
They could have seen that mind is the dynamic equivalent of matter.
They would have found that consciousness if the non-local complement of energy.
They would have seen that the laws of nature are subject/consequential to principles of creation.

Scientists could have realised that the principles of nature have been called Essentials in the Far West, Divinities in the Far East, Deities in the East and Gods in the west.
They could/would have understood that creator gods are organic deities thus divine principles of essential creation.
They would have discovered that transformation of matter is (as alchemists described) always a form of dimensional transmutation.
What we see in our body (alchemy), in our organs (‘deities’), in our cells (‘divinities’) is all part of the same cosmic process of creation.

Creation is based on a 4D dynamic logic of change of phases (“consciousness”).
That defines changes at the level of ‘wave nodes’ dis-/as-sociation (“energy”).
That determines the potential for wave oscillation frequency (“time”-base).
Which again can lead to the standing wave complex/continuity (“space”).

Had scientists stopped believing they could play god (outsider observers) the could have applied science to themselves.
They would/could have discovered that objects cannot exist, other than by isolation from their context.
Scientists would have seen that they had isolated themselves from their context.
Scientists would have realised that they were/are creating hell (a Closed System) on Earth.

Even medicine was presented as science, instead of as an art.
Even doctors were conditioned to believe in, and abide by, ‘dead (matter) science.
Doctors specifically see the side-effect of that fundamental erroneous assumption.
Doctors specifically could/can see that material science fails for living beings.

Doctors could have seen that the development/structure of science is not scientific, non-scientific, unscientific.
Doctors could have indicated that the development of science is not predictable but organic.
Medical Doctors could have pointed out that science, as an entity, is created by scientists.
Doctors could/should have concluded that science is alive; and created life science.

In fact, that is what happened.
The destructive nature of science was seen and investigated.
The destruction was traced back to the erroneous belief in separation.
The remedy was found in the way our body shows that it is part of the whole.

The organs (‘deities’), together, form a Möbius Loop linking internal and external processes.
The system membranes function via singularities (‘divinities’) regulating system openness/closure.
Cell division decisions (‘essentials’) are manifestations of computations of local (inVersal) and non-local (uniVersal) information fields.
Our body is a manifestation of the capacity to use freedom of choice to regulate our participation in creation (‘i-god’).

Scientists could have realised that their theories are destroying their uniVerse.

Scientists see that planetary pollution and most human diseases stem from man-made causes.
Scientists can see that man-made problems are the consequence of the way money determines society, and science.
Scientists tacitly know that their lives, their work, their findings and their theories are sculpted via money; a superstition.

Science has become a mad dictator decreeing false ‘universal’ laws of nature.
Science has been dictated, throughout its existence, via money.
Science crafted ‘laws of nature, but failed to realise that every description of ‘reality’ was a formulation of “realisation”.
As soon as scientists realise that, they can apply science to themselves and their mad dictatorschip ends because they will know freedom of choice.

As traditional health care shows; disease does not mean that the organism is sick.
It simply means that the healthy organism has difficulties coping with context.
If either coping potentials or context conditions are changed, health will restore itself.
Science will be healthy as soon as scientists are free to first experience and only then describe life and creation.

That sounds very moralistic and perhaps it is.
Because this whole series of essays serve to diagnose the disease of science.
This essay points out the cause of the damage done by science; the erroneous view on nature, by the limited, restricted, view of the role of the scientist in nature/life.
Once those restrictions are seen they can be resolved - healing sets in - and the ‘madness’ reverts to sanity.

Dictatorship ends
as soon as people
realise and respect
Freedom of Choice.

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