Science as Laboratory Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Just to be very clear from the start:
... If we regard science itself as a laboratory,
... we must regard the scientist as a lab rat.
The experimenter is the experiment(ed).

We must chance our thinking, and we must regard science as the laboratory.
Compare it to the Wilson Cloud Chamber of nuclear particle physics.
In this case the equation on paper change the leaps of thoughts in the mind.
The quantum leap of physics is the event of Freedom of Choice in our psyche.

Laboratory space

Science IS the laboratory: it is an isolated environment, separate from reality.
It is a mental reality/realm; and a social space/creation; it is NOT real as such.
Science cannot represent reality, because it does not form part of it.
Compare this to the way our head is set apart from the rest of our body.

    Our head is permanently separated from our body.
    The nerves in the neck cross over: it is an inverted reality
    We see the same in science: it is separated from reality.
    It also inverts the realisation; regarding creation (noun) rather than creation (verb).

Laboratory conditions

This has important implications: we must ensure the laboratory conditions of science.
We must be certain that whatever happens in that laboratory is not allowed to contaminate the world outside of it.
This also means that the laboratory must be closed down immediately when hazardous experiments go wrong.
The seal between the laboratory and reality must be leak proof: the world must not be the testing ground for scientific creations.

Instrument calibration

There are other important considerations: such as scientific calibration.
Scientists are trained to always calibrate their instruments; not all do that.
Scientists are not trained to calibrate their most important instrument: themselves.
Most scientists are even totally unaware that mental calibration (meditation) exists, and that it is important.

Laboratory hygiene

Laboratory hygiene normally includes the elimination of dust and/or parasites.
The laboratory of science however is infested with (financial) parasites.
Political ‘clean-up operations’ tend to leave the workspace more dirty than before.
Because regulation policies/politics do not ensure the quality of the product, but the quantity of profit.

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