Science as Act Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

There is an unrealistic, unreal, aspect to science.
This goes beyond the dramatic sense of scientific discovery.
There is a hidden, ‘occult’, side of science, ‘out of which spring all its demons’.
It is time to address science as Act, but also to regard scientists as actors.

The word "Act" has a number of very different meanings.
One meaning is: to create change, to make or destroy.
Another word is: to perform, as make-belief theatre play.
In this case we must regard both of these different meanings.

The scientist as creator/destroyer

Science creates changes in understanding, and in the world.
We see how science has shaped our culture, and the world cultures.
We also see how science destroys nature, and all life forms.
Science acts, irresponsibly; because scientists act irresponsibly.

Scientists ‘play god’: they position themselves beyond reality.
By posing as outsiders-observers they made themselves response-unable.
That made them unable to respond to their own acts: thus irresponsible.
We experience the consequences thereof in our culture, and in Nature.

The scientist as actor/pretender

The idea that scientists operate outside of reality is blatantly wrong.
It is a hazardous, dangerous, over-simplification in reality-realisation.
Quantum theory stated explicitly that we create the reality we live.
That means that we must account for our involvement, at every level.

The idea of the outsider-observer was wrong: it makes science wrong.
The scientist became response-unable, thus irresponsible in all they do

The only remedy is to make EVERY scientist responsible for EVERY act.
And, to resolve the superstition of science by accounting for involvement.

Science as creator of change

Scientists act: they actively change the world we live in/on.
Scientists also act: they pretend they are not responsible for the effects.
Humanity needs to act, and hold scientists responsible for their misdeeds
This must be passed as acts: legal statements defining responsible conduct, of science, thus for scientists.

This includes the requirement for transparency in what is done in/by science.
This includes openness in so-called corporate-/military-/government-/trade secrets.
That includes all attempts to cover-up, by monopolies and privatisation (= theft).
Which means that these are not laws/acts of states, but of/for/by/as humanity.

Science as destroyer of reality

The drama (tragedy) of science is that its creations destroy Earth.
This is a direct consequence of the make-belief pretence of scientists.
Their play-acting, playing god, pretending to be outsider-observer, was diabolic.
Scientists inverted the values of life; by alienating humans/humanity from our natural participation in creation.

The strangest consequence of the play-acting of science is that it destroyed reality.
There was a time that people said “god is dead”, because science ‘took over’ the role of ‘the explanation of creation’.
Now, we can see that their attempt at playing god was no better than that of priests before them.
In propagating the description (‘knowledge’) of ‘reality’, scientists killed the experience (’knowing’)of Realisation.

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