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Here we come to the end of this bundle of Essays.
Leading up to the conclusion that science is unscientific, and non-sense.
Science as nonsense is to be interpreted literally: devoid of sense, lacking feeling; without involvement.
That brings us to what started of this bundle of essays: the consequences of the lack of involvement, responsibility, response-ability: the destruction of life and/of Earth.

In retrospect it is simple: people who do not experience that they are one with all, live in hell.
They have no notion of the effect of their actions; they believe in consequences (follow-through) without consequences (repercussions).
In the case of science we can trace that back to a problem in the scientists, in fact a problem with their belief, in fact ... an erroneous choice in logic.
Science chose to explore the idea of a yes/no logic, focussing on that, excluding all other options, and ... painted themselves into the corner.

In making the choice, they discovered the consequences, but forgot that they were its creators.
The world is polluted, life forms (species, individual) go extinct per second.
But scientists fail to accept that this is all their doing.
Humanity can live in paradise; but scientists turned it into hell.

Scientists definitely had help in that undertakers undertaking, killing life.
Scientists claimed that they operated by reason only, and denied that they act out their beliefs.
In doing so they failed to see (thus study) that their lives and actions were determined by their superstition: Money.
Had they come to see and understand it, and study it, they would have come to see that they live in slavery.

The slavery to money (a superstition) was manufactured thousands of years ago.
Meat-eating desert tribes, started to domesticate animals for food; living off death.
They extended their practice of animal subjugation to women, children and neighbouring tribes.
The practice of meat-eating, killing, domestication and enslavement was applied to all living beings.

The consequence is that all of humanity has been virtually enslaved, domesticated, locked up in corals, by depriving them of access to Earth.
The deprivation of access to nature (by privatisation = piracy, for monopolisation = manipulation) was done by killing (threat of death).
It can all be summarises as the lack of respect of freedom of choice, in other beings.
The effect of this can be seen still in the blind spot of science; the systematic denial of Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice is the (‘quint’)essence of life: the ability to change involvement.
Freedom of Choice is operated by changing the openness/closure of the boundary of the system.
In our body we can see that the system boundary coincides with the interphase in the interface in the phase change in cell division.
There, we can see how photon-leaps, electron-leaps, electron-valency and electron-bonding determine the (‘alchemical’) interchange between plasma, gas, liquid and solid states of physics.

We can see that matter, is based on molecules based on atoms based on information in formation.
The basis of creation lies at that deepest level, of changes in (phase) information.
The operating principle, at that level, is the change of logic, which corresponds with a change in dimensions.
It means that the grand unification if the universe lies in the zero-point, in the phase change of dimensions

Science originated in a time when a few men in Rome pretended that they could determine the nature of reality.
It was found that some of their postulates were provably wrong, and blind belief was supplemented with research.
The first researchers were demonstratively killed, ... which however attracted attention to the possibility of experimental experiential research.
Which again led to a tradition of empirical studies, which were however curtailed by those men in Rome who claimed monopoly on the understanding of Soul.

Since, times have passed, and times have changed, and scientists discovered what had been forbidden.
Soul can now be described as the integral fractal, the integrity of the decision tree of cell divisions.
At that level it can be seen that cell decisions take place in phase space, in the inter-phase between information and matter.
A change of involvement, at that level, changes the system boundary openness/closure, thereby shifting our participation in creation: involvement.

The first scientists were intimidated, by fear of death, and complied with the dictates from Rome.
Thus they did not study freedom of choice, and the role of involvement in our participation in creation.
As a result, they had to state, or pretend, that they were “outsiders-observers” (still complying with that ‘decree from Rome’).
Paradoxically, they ended up playing god (which backfired), because they ‘obeyed’ to priests (playing god), who used their understanding of freedom of choice (‘soul’) to manipulate/domesticate the (world) population.

Scientists are destroying Earth because they complied with meat-eaters playing priest pretending to know the will of god.
In the Science of Life the will of god, a.k.a. i-god, is the simple principle of a system boundary transition.
Indeed, it is a universal principle, but that also means that we all experience it within our living body.
We can learn to operate it, if we learn from our body how it operates the corresponding 4D logic.

Many cultures of Earth have known thus; all healing arts of the world use this.
But in science scientists opted (under threat of death) not to research freedom of choice.
As a result they did not realise how their ideas were manipulated by others, via false information and superstitions (i.a. money).
In being enslaved, imprisoned, in the land that they lived on but could not live from, scientists have been directed in all their actions by beliefs in/and money.

Yes indeed, the scientists are destroying life and Earth.
Scientific materialistic deterministic model pretend total understanding of total control.
But their models were drafted and crafted from the perspective of the outsider-observer, and disaccounted for the ability to cope with the consequences.
That made the models irresponsible, they were incomplete thus backfired, and the unforeseen side-effects can now be seen and experienced as planetary pollution and mass species extinction

    Yes, scientist, this is your doing.
    You are irresponsible, because you disregard the consequences.
    You work for money, and turn Earth into a concentration camp.
    Yes, you are the destroyer of (life on) Earth.

Oh, yes, you did it because you were paid to do it.
And you believed that you did well (but you did not check/calibrate your belief).
You failed to look at the effects of your actions (cause and effect).
You pretended that the destruction of Earth, Life, Humanity, you was not your doing.

And in fact you are right; individually you did not do it, but you contributed.
Indeed, you simply did what you were paid to do, yet you did it - damage.
You thought that your theories were realistic; but did you ever feel the effect?
Had you done what you say you would have applied science to yourself, and science, and see what is wrong: science destroys.

Fortunately we are close to the solution: science already turned around.
From deterministic to relativistic to probabilistic to creationistic: involvement came in.
We now can apply every description of reality as a formulation of/for realisation.
We can come from a science of matter to the science of consciousness; science of life.

Yet, as is the case in any disease, and, in this case, an addiction) it starts with acknowledging the problem.
Yes, science, scientists, created all the damage on/of Earth.
Yet, as scientist you created it, so you know how to cure it.

All you need to do is to know that all you do has effects: you (together) create the hell or paradise we (all) live in.

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