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"Science as Scourge" is an alternative name for this bundle of essays.
Science, thus scientists, is/are destroying the planet and humanity.
There is only one reason that this happens: by the evil use of money.
Scientists needing money to live, to survive, 'will do as they are told'.

Before dissecting the problems of science, we must study the cause.
Scientists depend on money for survival; there is NO independent science.
Science is therefore controlled by money, for financial/profit interests.
First we must understand this; the problems in-of science are consequential.

Money slavery

What scientists do, or don't do, is totally controlled by, via, money.
Grants, stipends, salaries and the (much sought after) stuopend are means.
In order to get funding, scientists will change what they do and how they think.
Indeed, 'money turns science into a circus and scientists into circus m/donkeys'.

For money, scientists created the atomic bomb, and gene modification techniques.
For money, scientists continue adding toxins to industrial food and to 'medication'.
For money, scientists do not do necessary tests, and do not account for consequences.
For money, scientists change from one 'employer'/job/study/idea to another


The destitute prostitute nature of science stems from one cause: money.
Scientists who need money to live/survive, will always be mercenary.
We see the effects world wide in the destruction of life forms and/of Earth.
This pathology is based on one cause only: the parasitical abuse via 'money'.

Bert Verveen formulated the principle of System (Patho) Physiology.
It describes the circulation of molecules between body organ cells.
it formulates how disease originates from non-closure of cycles.
We can use that approach to understand the disease of money.

Behaviour Tracking

Money is a smbol, cf. it to radio active labelling of bio-molecules.
This makes it possible to track where the molecules (do not) go.
Governments introduced/imposed money into society for  taxation'.
This is the parasitical draining of money (vitality) out of the system.

In this same way money is used in the regulation of science.
The action of people is directed, dictated, via the use of money.
This is possible because money has replaced our natural values.
People can no longer live on/off the Earth, but live in a 'prison'.


What has happened, via money, is the same as seen as 'domestication'..
Animals are denied access to the Earth and can no longer roam free.
They can eat only what they are given: and they do not get enough.
They are kept in a constant state of starvation, used for regulation.

The result is that the animals adapt their activities to human will.
The animal trainer can reward animals by giving them food.
By withholding them food animals can likewise be 'punished'.
In science/society money likewise serves as 'Carrot' AND 'Stick'.

(Patho) Physiology

The formulation of Bert Verveen describes natural circulation.
This is the basis of stable physiology, and thus of (our) Health.
His formulation also addresses de-regulation of natural circulation.
That leads to the origination/understanding of any/every form of disease.

Pathology originates from intrinsic/internal circulation deregulation.
Parasitism originates from extrinsic/external circulation deregulation.
This is also known as leeching: draining of vital saps, from outside.
It is a pathological form of symbiosis: one life form lives off another.


In our society the pathology of parasitical behaviour is rampant.
System (Patho)Physiology helps understand the cause and effects.
In society we see it as the parasitical effects of using bank money.
In science we see it as the use of money to make scientists criminals.

By the use of money, dependent (non-free) people can be controlled.
Instead of living WITH the Earth, they are forced to live FOR 'Money'.
Due to lack of access to the Earth, they can not live/decide Free(ly).
Instead they need to be given money to be able to live and survive.

Mercenary Prostitution

When people perform natural acts for money this is called Prostitution.
When people perform unnatural acts for money that is called Mercenary.
In fact, every human act, for money, is always Mercenary AND Prostitution.
Because humans are not free to choose what they choose to do, in life.

The systematic simultaneous pimping-and-prostituting is called "Hierarchy".
One the one hand the 'employee' (dependent) 'prostitutes' to obtain "money".
On the other hand the same (dependent) 'employee' 'pimps (abuses) dependent others.
This is the same principle of systematic abuse used in prisons and concentration camps.


People are conditioned to believe that they NEED a job in life, to survive.
In the natural situation people would live on (and off the fruits of) the Earth.
In the unnatural situation people work in slave plantations: 'corporations'
This makes use of "Hierarchy" for systematic systemic system control.

In a (money) hierarchy all decisions are regulated by the (non) flow of money.
Called ‘ currency', it is often compared to the life blood of the corporation.
In this case, as in leeches, the money however always comes from elsewhere.
Corporations are armies of leeches parasitising in the money (life sap) of others.


This can take place ONLY because of the belief in money; which is a superstition.
In the past this has been called the superstition of the idol of the Golden Calf.
Later, still in our past, it has been described by Marlowe in the book Faustus.
It addresses the false promise of money to get all riches (and Fame) on Earth.

In the book Faustus, the main character discovers that the promise is empty.
The bankers who print the money are NOT the owner of (fruits of) the Earth.
Money exists only when deception/'laws'/force are used to impose its use.
Money exists only

Medical ‘science’

'Medical science' has become the gravest example of abusive science-for-money'.
Large corporations are patenting bio-molecules for the sole purpose of monopolisation.
In doing so the natural cures become inaccessible and get the status of "drugs".
PAY attention to the double meaning of the word: the Dependency on a Cure.

Medical Doctors are no longer aware that they are pimped for prostituting for patients.
Student doctors are taught that for every symptom there must be a (drug) cure.
As doctors, later, they are unaware that as a result they only offer symptom treatment.
Because every disease originates from loss of integrity/integration with/in context.

Healing dis’ease

System (Patho) Physiology, the work of Bert Verveen, offers much deeper understanding.
The insights which it offers for health and disease in our body also apply to medical science.
The same insights also apply the every other form of science: and all forms of science.
We can see how the superstition of money creates the parasitical pathology in humanity.

"Science as Income" describes the reason why science has become destructive/abusive.
Scientists working for money are controlled by money, in all their activities and (in)actions.
Money controls their lives, their work, their education and their institutions.
Money controls their professors, their universities, their politics and their whole society.

Whistle Blowers

There are increasingly more corporate scientists whose ethics stands above their greed.
They are now willing to show what is really going on - not the fake/fraud science-for-money.
There are very many independent researchers, and very many retired scientists.
They are free to do scientific research - without their actions being controlled by money.

The disease of money derives from the way it is created and manipulated.
Money per-se is merely a superstition; originating from a distorted sense of values.
Instead of (connected) Qualities, (disconnected) Quantities are used as measure and norm.
Because people are not living in free contact with Earth, but in a prison created by money.

Healing Science

Yet, as such, it is a simple (parasitical) pathology, just as described by Bert Verveen.
By understanding the normal natural cell communication cycles, health can be restored.
By understanding the natural social communication flow, social health can be restored.
The same findings and principles in society can be applied to science: science can be cured.

The other essays in thus bundle address various explicit and implicit problems of science.
Science presently destroys humanity and ecology on the basis is mere sheer superstition.
On  the one hand there is the false belief in money, dominating scientists, thus science.
On the other hand there is the superstition of materialism; advocated for .... domination.

Freedom of Choice

Every living being, every human, and every scientist has innate Freedom of Choice.
That means, that they can choose how they interface with/in 'reality', thus Earth.
The abuse of laws of nature by scientist is triggered, but not caused by bank money.
The abuse of scientists, killing life and devastating Earth, is caused only by humans.

There is a clear reason why scientists promote the belief/superstition of materialism.
It is the same belief/delusion as that of determinism, domination, totalitarian control.
That is the essence of the practice of slavery, created by enslavement/domestication.
It is all, only, based on denial of Freedom of Choice: which is the one essence of Life.

“This being said”...

This text started by saying that we MUST understand the problems caused by money.
That having been addressed, we can now look into the original purpose and function of science.
We will find that there are very many problems that science does not address.
Because science fails to apply its own methods and findings to itself: science.

Let us look at the hidden sides of science: science as social system for fear reduction.
But also at what is required to become a scientist: the ritual, the rite, the guild, the cult.
But we also need to understand the more fundamental instruments that science works with: the creed, the belief, conditioning and the superstition.
We will find that science serves the same social function as fairy tales, story telling, and its myth.


But beware; this section is NOT about ‘the praise of the wonders of science’.
You can find other works, of others, who name and frame the fame of ‘the heroes of science’.
Likewise you can find other works listing the betrayers and evils of science.
Here i call attention for the reasons why science is destroying humanity and Earth.

This is a call for introspection, of me, of you, and of all scientists.
It is a quest for a test for the foundations of science; its (unfounded) beliefs.
The flaws of science do not lie in the abstract irresponsible construct of science.
The flaws of science originate from scientists who deny response-ability for the results of their work.

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