Science IS Non-sense Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Sensing is not only the sensation of the experience of our environment.
Sensing is also the experience of the consequences of our actions on our context.
Scientists pretended that they operated outside of reality, and therefore ignored the feedback of the effects of their actions on the environment.
To act without sensing the consequences is senseless, unfeeling, nonsense.

Science IS Non-sense” concludes this bundle of essays entitled “Science AS Non-sense”.
These essays form part of the series “Bringing Science to Life”.
The purpose of these texts is to heal science; and to heal the damage done by scientists.
In the same way (and to the same degree) that many/some scientists say that science is ‘scientific’, ‘true’, ‘real’, ‘valuable,’ we must say that science is a superstition, a lie, a (self) deception and a systematic form of abuse.

Bringing Science to Life treats four aspects:

  1. Science is Unscientific
    (It is NOT predictable/repeatable,..)
  2. Science as Non-sense
    (It is irresponsible; consequences are not sensed)
  3. Sciencing Science
    (Understand how science is created, by individual scientists)
  4. Realising Reality
    (Descriptions of/for reality are in fact formulations of/for realisation)

Science as non-sense is added to address the much needed aspect of responsiility.
Science tend to neglect that THEY create the destruction of life and Earth.
The problems in their creation lies in the denial of the consequences.
This is because scientists ignore their own ‘cause’ by disregarding the “effect”.

As long as scientists do not use their senses,
they will not come to their senses, and
 they will fail to see that science makes no sense;
it is senselessly destroying the world we live on, and all life forms,
including ourselves

Only by accepting that something is amiss, can healing take place.
It is the first step in the breaking of the conditioning of an addict(ion)
It is the first necessary step in the breaking of the addiction to the belief in science.
Start with the idea that science is nonsense.


Once you can accept that, you can explore the idea that science is magic...

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