Science is Unscientific Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

“Bringing Science to Life” must be understood in a literal sense.
It is a need to change from the science of Dead Matter, to a science of Consciousness.
It can be regarded, understood, as a the need to ‘revive a corpse’, or a ‘rebirth’.
It involves the traditional principles of healing, applied to material science.

Paradoxically, it is modern science that best understands traditional health care.
Modern science describes matter as composed of molecules formed of atoms in formation.
This puts information (consciousness) at the core of creation/manifestation/materialisation.
Healing then simply involves the restoration of integrity of integration of information.

Bringing Science to Life must start with a diagnosis, to come to a remedy.
The problems of science must be faced, not feared - they must be identified.
The exploration starts with the straightforward statement that science is unscientific.
The development of science is NOT predictable, but, is predictability the hallmark of science.

Science as such is an organic organism, composed of human scientists.
The body of knowledge of science is a composite of the bodies of knowledge of scientists.

Traditional health care is NOT about the fighting of disease (“symptom treatment”).

The blunt and direct starting point for these essays is the title statement.
"Science is not scientific"; and objective science is not objective.
The 'Objects' in science are semantic objects only.
There is no substance in science, except for that of its models.

Any scientific ‘proof’ is unfounded circumstantial hypothetical conjecture

Henry Langhaar resolved the Heissenberg Uncertainty.
By our choice of parameters, we define the Critical Boundary.
That critical boundary determines the system/singularity/state.
Our involvement thus specifies our participation in creation.

Science has created models to describe our involvement.
All such models are interpreted as-if 'descriptions of reality'.
However the inverse is the case: they are formulations of/for realisation.
They describe us, and our involvement; not the uniVerse as it is.

Realisation, as our body shows, is based on interfacing.
We change the interface by operating freedom of choice, in involvement.
We change this by innerphasing: redefining the definition.
That, we do in the system interface (SSSS; system stability singularity set).

All models of science implicitly describe how we make those models.
All models fall into two categories; Phi = 1 or Phi = 0.
The sameness in these models defines their basis: "=".
The equation sign is where we navigate our participation inn creation.

The dynamic of the equation sign alternates between states.
Every state is discerned by a boundary (a system definition).
Every boundary is simultaneously Separator and connector.
That can be formulated in the dimensional operator: "#".

"#"= "= + ||"
This implies = = ==
It also implies = = ||
This cannot exist as a state; but only as a phase.

"#" is a Dimensional Operator; operating Dimensional Gates.
"#" is therein equivalent to the operator "0" (zero).
Zero, however is also 1, N and oo.
The difference is based on the interface reverberations (resonance).

This is made explicit in the structure of an atom.
An atom is defined as a resonant shape in phase space.
Whenever the resonance is integer; there 'is an "orbit"'.
Whenever resonance is N +/- 1/2, there is inter-phase.

We see this in de definition of the boundary of the universe.
"Is it a box, bottle, bag or bubble?".
In defining a boundary, be make the uniVerse infinite.
WE make the boundary, by our (making of a) definition.

We experience the same in EVERY cell division.
We define, and redefine, our own definition.
When that definition matches our context, it is called health.
When not, it is called disease and causes disintegration.

We 'see' the same formulation, in our definition of an atom.
An atom is a model; a linguistic construct.
An atom is NOT material; it is only a model.
By the model, we interact with nature, and ... "experience".

We see the same formulation in the description of an egg.
In Conception, cells form an interfacing layer: the shell.
Birds need to break out of that shell to find themselves in the nest.
Birds need to fall out of the nest to find that they can fly.

Conception, hard egg shell, nest edge abyss, and wings...
All are other instantiations of the same construct/concept.
We all learn to negotiate between them in all we do.
Participation in creation is de fined by our re-defining definitions.

Science is unscientific, because it does not regard its creation.
Science as such does NOT exist; it is e mental/semantic construct.
Science is in essence a scared base of codes for/of belief.
Science is in essence a cult; a social code for individual conduct.

What science is, or is not, cannot be defined at the level of science.
Science is a society of scientists; which are people 'obeying' a code.
Scientists are continuously busy redefining ('recreating) that code.
However, their conduct defines how code recoding may be 'created'.

Science is NOT the exploit of mental/scientific "research".
Science is a society, operating by codes for territorial conduct.
Science, and scientists, form an organic entity (fame as humans form humanity).
In being an organic entity, the development of science is organic, not scientific.

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