The Conference That Never Was Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

The following describes the concept for the conference that never was.
At the time that i write this (2013) i need to reconstruct the notes that i lost.
The idea however is still clear, vibrant vital and gripping; and very inviting...
It emerged while i was travelling in the Blue Ridge Park, visiting the YMCA.

I need to lead up to that plan and concept by describing what happened before.
I had met Joyce Holbrook, in Columbus, Ohio, at the house of a good friend.
She had worked as a university professor, but then developed abilities as psychic.
She invited me to travel with her while she was continuing her presentations tour.

Along the way, we were lodged at friends of hers, where she did her presentations.
We also visited researchers, doctors, scientists and magicians (practising psychics).
Many of those were able to understand and cure cancer and aids; and other ills.
Many of them also had experience with and clear understanding of psychic events.

I realised the strong similarity between their abilities, capacities and understanding.
I also realised that some of them knew of each other’s existence; fewer had met.
The idea of people coming together - at our lodging locations - took on larger shape.
When Joyce Holbrook showed me the Blue Ridge Mountains YMCA, they fell in place.

What if...

What is all the people i met on that tour could come together.
They could tell each other the stories and experiences that they had told me.
They could (finally) meet up, and develop their ideas together.
All that would be needed was this beautiful location, and a free-format meeting.

Earlier already i had participated in insightful and creative meetings in Amsterdam.
Gerard de Zeeuw had arranged a series of meetings under the title “Problems of...”.
One, addressing “Society, Support and Culture” had explored a more interactive format.
In it, students, serving as reporters, gave direct feedback on the conference in process.

Earlier yet i had attended the university of Maastricht, using Problem Based Learning.
I had participated in the education development, as volunteer and project assistant.
After my ex-cathedra teaching experience in engineering school, i saw the difference.
I also saw the need for combining theory and practice as done in the U of Kitchener, Waterloo.

Most importantly: i had been member of a student club, and discovered its potentials.
Groups of students, each taking on roles of leadership and active participation.
A small community, able to, together, operate many activities; at very high level.
All because interested people set up to do what they wanted to do, together.

And so ...

And so i saw all of these ideas fall in place; together with that of “compunication”.
Compunication is the term i heard for computer assisted communication.
At that time, the (Palm Pilot) PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) was new and available.
All that would be needed was to apply that concept, for a larger group of people.

And thus the concept took form, of the Blue Ridge Conference on Consciousness Engineering.
Conceived as a meeting for which people would individually prepare, together.
Projected as an event to come to understand consciousness (engineering).
Not as a method to manipulate mind, but to optimise the development of (life) science.

Mind is the one tool that ALL scientists must use in ‘doing science’.
As Uri Fidelman (later) pointed out: equations of science are equations of mind.
The equations of science are the result of the way the mind, the brain, orders information.
So-called objective science models/mimics how our mind sorts/processes information.

Instead of focusing on the findingS (noun), it is necessary to focus on the finding (verb).
The Consciousness Engineering Conference was intended to bring different people together.
Scientists, medical doctors, healers and magicians (operant psychics), to name a few.
With the main purpose to bridge the differences between then, in integral understanding.

Thus ...

Thus the idea was formed to invite them all together, in that beautiful place.
To have them present and share their idea(l), in the way they each preferred.
The conference would simply be a means for meeting, communication, and harvesring results.
In which each participant kept own record, and made recordings, of all events.

It meant that the conference was to actively productively harvest information.
All participants wet up their own agenda together, and arranged their own meetings.
All recordings of all meeting, plus all notes, were to be uploaded in the computer network.
By which all participants and all others would have all conference notes when the conference ended.

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