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The following is a proposal for a gathering in which some invited guests can share their idea(l)s and world views.

The aim of the meeting is simple: just to be able to meet.

All else is left to own initiative and chance.


The proposal is that we can all meet and talk about what we do; and at the same time have no great need to talk and talk and talk. Yes, the two ideas can be combined, by making use of the technologies of today. We can all communicate our ideas, as we have already given them form, in papers of publications, or writings of whichever kind. Some may have made video’s, or expressed themselves in other form. Some may have websites, where their realisations are expressed; or some may have suggestions of work of others, which well reflects what they do. In short: many will be able to offer access of what they have found which any one can read.

By being able to read that before we meet, much of the ‘basics’ no longer need to be expressed.

Then, while we are together we can have presentations of what we do. Some may want to bring a poster which contains in a nutshell the ideas with which you work. There will be computers, in which your web-site or programs can be displayed. if you want to play some instrument or show your working tools: this too can be done. So that any one can have access to your insights in many different ways.


The approach is very simple: if all have the opportunity to express themselves in many ways, then all can meet all others through those different forms. And, when the information itself is expressed, we can all talk about what drives us at deeper levels. Knowledge is fine and fun, but it is also only a superficial expression of what you really feel.


For the experience of that feeling, it is nice to be free of any compulsions or constraints. To just meet.

Yes, you can lecture if you wish. Yes, you can have group discussions as you like. Yes, you can have intense conversation with two or three or more. But there is no agenda as such.

Or yes there is: but it is made on the spot. If you have the idea others might want to listen too, to someone you want to hears speak: pose your questions, find a room, and schedule a time. Computer planning will be provided to co-ordinate your plans.


The meeting will take place in a leisurely setting; a calm and comfortable home, where we all can meet. In an environment where we can go out and inspired by what you see. Nature.


Is there a theme to what we do? Yes and no. The theme is visible and invisible: it is seen in the form of what you do; but felt in the enthusiasm of what you are; your inspiration  itself.

You will find that the work you do is very similar(even if not in form) to what the others do. And that it is the expression of that inner realisation which we all share. Some see it in science, some in art, some in business or mysticism. It is not the outer form which matters, but the realisation that it works, how it works. And the wonderment which inspired it all.


You will find that all those there are scouts of some kind; like yourself.

That they all have their insights and experiences, like yourself.

And that they are quite unique in what they are; like yourself.


Then why does this meeting take place?

Simple: to be able to express your findings.

And share your realisations, with others, who can understand.

So often it is clear that there are few with whom you can share your views; this is one of the traits which the people here share. So be welcome and make use of the opportunity to freely express what you feel and have seen.


Is there a purpose to this meeting? No, not really.

Evidently meeting people like are invited here can catalyse a lot. But there is no aim. If the meeting inspires you do create something new, alone or with others, so be it. If it calls for sequels of whatever kind, so be it. If it leads to some presentation to humanity, so be it. Recording material will be information when needed; so you can do as you please


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