1999 Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

“The Conference that Never Was” is how i nick-named this event.
EVERY time i sent out invitations for this meeting, the computer crashed.
The emails before it all were sent out; the email and those after it not.
I rewrote the emails 5 times separately and each time months apart.

I gave up on organising the conference, but not on the idea; herewith.
The idea is simple: a combination of my training as engineer and MD.
Consciousness is the one and only primary tool in science.
In the same was we precision engineer tools, we also need to engineer mind.

Consciousness Engineering is based on the understanding that mind matters.
Mind, the software, in our body, the hardware, is an electromagnetic phenoumenon.
As an electro-magnetic radio-wave information field it can be described and measured.
Albeit that in our body, all body materials interact with the process: all interact with information.

The conference was meant to invite many different researchers to come together.
In touring the US with Joyce Holbrook, i had met many scientists, healers and magicians.
Each individually work with consciousness and had a (different) model to describe it.
Yet few of them knew or had met each other: the conference was meant to bring all together.

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