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Scientists more and more abide by protocol.
More and more science as a whole is regarded as a protocol.
A protocol is a set of instructions for actions for behaviour.
A protocol is a script for a choreography for actions, by actors.

A protocol is a form of a reflex, a ritual, and a Rite.
A protocol is a prescription. a recipe for action-and-result.
A Protocol is a prescription, proscription, for cause => effect.
A protocol is based on the invariance in predictability of dead matter.

Protocols reduce science to slavery; irresponsible unconscious action.
In Protocols, actions are debased to reflex-repetition of actions of others.
Protocols are proscriptions/prescriptions/recipes for action based on Writ.
The use of Protocol is based on the same ‘philosophy’ of obeisance to Books.

There are many book-based-religions where the social order uses a bbook as a law.
In doing so, recorded experiences of the past are imposed as rules for future conduct.
That approach, of determining the life of others via written laws, is the essence of enslavement.
People are not allowed to make their own choices; they can be part of the community only if they comply with ... protocol.

The use of Protocol leads to ignorance and irresponsibility; reflex action.
Protocol assumes determinism, slavery; the subjugation of will, to another.
Indeed, there is a degree of predictability in our interaction with matter.
But the (erroneous) belief in material determinism does not apply to living beings.

Science has started to believe in its own superstition.
First, scientists ‘played god’ by pretending to be outside, above and beyond, reality: that made them irresponsible because they considered themselves - by definition - response-unable.
Then, scientists played at ‘being the devil’ by claiming that their deterministic laws were universal, eradicating the understanding of, and respect for, freedom of choice.
Now scientists started to apply those limites beliefs/principles to themselves, by turning science into a protocol.

Indeed, for many ages scientists have trained/conditioned scientists for admission in their guild.
Yes, for many ages already scientists have used rites, thus rituals, thus reflex conditioning, to select who could join their society.
And indeed, reflex behaviour already determines many if not most decisions and actions of scientists.
Protocol is a powerful way to limit behaviour of scientists, and curtail their independent thinking.

As in Fundamentalism, it is necessary to question who insists on the use of protocol.
Which people are so intent on restricting freedom of thought by determining procedure for action.
Protocol changes science as a whole into a machine, for deterministic predictable behaviour.
Protocol pretends that science is based on predictability, instead of the quest for discovery.

The essence of science is that it explores how the part forms part of the whole.
The link between the part and the whole lies in the singularity where part and whole are connected.
In the singularity, the part and the whole are opposites, complementing each other.
That is what we experience in our life, in our body: how matter and mind complement each other.

Protocol is a power-tool for the imposition of individual collective behaviour.
It is the same tool, and technique, as has been used in communism, socialism and capitalism.
The political systems differ in name, but all seek to control mass-manipulation.
All those systems try to impose uniform behaviour on unique individual beings.

Protocols reduce freedom of choice, by seemingly eliminating responsibility.
Protocol is an abstract anonymous generalised for of determination of conduct.
The protocol, as ‘law/code for behaviour’, determines the actions of others.
As pointed out in the Nuremberg Nazi Tribunals: both leader and follower are responsible.

Laws of Nature, Measurement Specification, Instrument Use, and Scientific Procedure are unified in the term “Protocol”.
It is a crystallisation, and fossilisation, of a dynamic interaction process.
Protocol replaces experience of involvement by a description of conduct.
Protocol take away the life of others by taking away freedom of choice.

“Science as protocol” reflects the tendency to tirn scientific procedures into protocols.
Protocols however never apply to science, as abstraction, but onls to scientists, thus living beings.
Protocols applied to the people who built, maintained and operated Nazi concentration camps.
By letting protocols determine science, scientist come to live in a concentration camp

Is the parable, the metaphor, too stark and too clear?
It is necessary to realise the consequences and conditions.
Protocols impose (thus ignore) condition to enforce consequences.
“Protocol” summarises the unthinking thinking which makes science deadly.

Philip Zimbardo formulated the factors by which people create hell and do evil.
The factors are; 1) anonymisation, 2) generalisation, 3) abstraction, 4) denial of freedom of choice.
They pertain to 1) individuals in 2) relationships, 3) in context, 4) in reality (humanity, Earth).
The essence lies in the denial of Freedom of Choice, causing people to be irresponsible, unfeeling and evil.

Protocol is meaningful only as description, not as prescription.
When scientific discovery is turned into scientific protocol, consciousness is destroyed.
In doing so, the art of reaction is turned into the act (sham, pretence) of ‘reality’.
Science as Protocol” summarises the present disease of science: unfeeling, irresponsible, and destructive.

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