Science as Betrayal Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

There are actually books which address the use of science for betrayal.
"Betrayers of the Truth", "How to Lie with Statistics" and many other.
But the actual deceptions of/by/in science are harder to find.
"The World according to Monsanto” is one of the more clear-cut examples.

There was a time (initially) when science was done only by the rich.
For them it was a pass-time, in their life of Otium (free time).
They had nothing to do while others were busy with nec-otium (slaving).
They were free to choose what to do, also in studying "science".

Originally, science meant Knowing; and related to Philosophy.
Philosophia, meaning Wanting to know, is the precursor of science.
Philosophy in that sense is the theory of learning.
Science, in that sense, is the practice of finding out.

Science requires a mind set to explore the unknown: interest.
Interest is however also a term used by bankers: Usury.
Whereas interest is open to new insight, usury wants more of the same.
Nowadays in science Interest has declines the the state of usury; sameness.

Science itself has declined to a job; nec otium.
And science is no longer free; scientists are no longer rich.
Scientists are clerks in a ritual for a dogma for control of knowledge.
It is no longer about the art of discovery and learning.

Science is said to have to be useful; ‘it must have a purpose’.
From the child at play, science became the child in the coal mines.
It was no longer an art, science had become a trade.
Science was no longer free; it was imprisoned by money.

It means that science now mainly serves the money/bankers.
Bankers become rich most from waging war; world wide.
Science thus has become a war instrument maker; "Hephaistos".
Science became an instrument for planetary destruction.

The people who operate in science, doing science, ‘don't’ know this.
They get paid, do their job, they get paid, and do their job.
They are aware that the most lavish grants come from the military.
But they now work for money; not for love, for humanity, or for life.

The creators of the atom bomb realised that, afterwards; too late.
They had had a jolly time together, thinking up the unknown.
They we exploring new ideas, and designing new implements.
And ended up with an instrument for indiscriminate mass murder.

It is said that doctor Guillotine thought he had done 'the humane thing'.
He had seen the horrors of people being hanged, their death torture.
He had sought a way to prevent the agony of their long suffering.
The instrument he made became a 'disassembly line' for living people.

Science is but an instrument; it is as blunt as any hammer.
It depends on the hand who wields it, what science can/will do.
The wielding hand of the war industry forged science into an axe.
Science is now controlled by the MIC, which is controlled by money bankers.

The MIC, or Military Industrial Complex, was announced y Dwight Eisenhower.
It was later referred to by John Kennedy, as the Secret Society of social control.
It is often referred to as the Secret Government, for which there are many descriptions.
Many people reduce that to one single simple group: the illegal money bankers.

The history of illegal money is simple and short.
Instead of the US Congress printing the money; it is done by private bankers.
Instead of money being free for all people, all people pay IRS taxes for it.
Instead of those people being free, they are collateral for the money of debt.

It is not just the money and he people that are no longer free.
Science too is no longer free: it is controlled by status and money.
Scientific education is done by the principle of shepherding.
It is the method of mass population control that was implemented by the church(es).

Part of the control mechanism is ignorance; lack of understanding.
The sheep grazing in the field are ignorant of the recipe for roast mutton.
The sheep herded towards the stable don't know of the waiting slaughterhouse.
The people entering into schools do not know when they will be making bombs.

The manipulation of people is subtle, and slow; but secure.
Teachers are paid to use specific controlled protocols for 'education'.
Professors are part of a guild controlled by status and money.
Scientific institutions make use of funds and prizes.

But in the end it is always evident that the real control lies elsewhere.
‘Downing Street’ phoned to Edinburg to fire Arpad Pusztai from his job.
Never before had government been so direct in eliminating good research.
The researcher had found that Monsanto had lied, in its publications/claims.

The Gene Tech-, Pharmaceutical-, Biocide- and explosives industry are one.
From saltpetre came artificial fertilisers, herbicides/pesticides and genetic manipulation.
It is a pathway of accelerating destruction, called the Biological Bomb Chain Reaction.
It is the complement of the bio-industry, respect for life and nature, and health.

Many, most?, diseases are now the result of ill health by ill food produce.
The preservative for long shelf life for 'food' do not preserve our life.
Instead, they preserve our body as is done by formaldehyde by the embalmer.
Few people are aware that Formaldehyde is one of the elements of aspartame.

The food industry is presently producing many health-toxic products.
All of these products are created by scientists with the aim of profit.
All of these profits are created by scientists working for money.
While none of these scientists feel responsible for their doings.

That is because they were enrolled in a discipline of schooling.
The hierarchy of corporation/education/church/army is the same.
It is a control system where every human in the chain of command is slave.
They are think they are in control, but like puppets they are controlled.

The instruments for control are status and money, allegiance and ostracising.
There are many excellent scientists who did excellent jobs who found themselves expelled.
Weston Pearce, Campbell, Arpad Pusztai are but a few, made to be example.
As with the witch burning before: the examples serve to deter others.


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