Science as Con Science Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

As long as science and conscience are not integrated, ...
... science will be con science
Conning is the act of deception, misrepresentation; most often for personal gains.
Remember: a “person” is not an individual, but a human financial “entity” (object/chattle) as regarded by a corporate state.
That in itself is a misrepresentation (and explains why politicians are mis-representatives).

Science is part of a much larger deception; the superstition of money.
Money is a magical symbol, by which the will of the one becomes subject of another.
The juridical term is “subrogation”; whoever uses the symbol of another, becomes subject to the rules (“Jurisdiction”) of the other.
In the case of ‘money’, those who use that ‘money’ are compelled/forced to work for that other; money is an implied contract for labour.

The history of the deception of money is long, spanning thousands of years.
Money as magic is tied in with the domestication of humans; their enslavement.
By denying humans free access to the Earth, they have no access to free food, free materials (for tools, clothing and housing), and they have no free access to experiencing the Earth, and all life forms.
Humans effectively live in a prison (‘hell’) in which they lost their freedom of choice (‘soul’), in which money is at the same time the ‘stick’ (punishment; by withilding money) and the ‘carrot’ (reward, by providing money).

    Money determines the nature of science.
    Scientists work for money: money determines their work.
    Science education is determined by money; money determines what is provided.
    Science is controlled by scientist/professors controlled by politicians controlled by money; money determines what is allowed.

Money is a superstition, a deception, a “sham”; a ‘con’.
“con science” is (every aspect) of science determined by (con) money.
Just as we have “con-news”, “con-media” and “con-society”; determined by con-money.
True science is science free-from-money, “FREE SCIENCE”, done by independent scientists.

    Beware, that much of con-science is factual and real and ‘true’.
    Just as much of the (trivial) (k)news is ‘true’, “real” and factual.
    But the editors hired by the banksters censor the final product.
    The small percentage that is distorted make the whole unreliable.

    In the same way science controlled by money interest is unreliable.
    Essential information is withheld, as corporate/state/patented ‘secrets’.
    Very often important insights are bought away and locked away behind patents.
    This makes the whole of science censored, unreliable; a and superstition.


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