Science as Prostitute Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

Science is often depicted, allegorically, as a female.
Prostitution is the term for someone doing (natural) deeds with others for money.
Mercenary is the term for someone (unnatural) doing deeds against others for money.
Scientists do both; science is a mercenary/prostitute.

However, be aware that prostitution originates in temples.
Women initiated women, and men, into sexual wisdom.
They trained adolescents in sexual techniques, and sexual respect.
Sexual initiation was a basis for social stabilisation.

All of that changed when money was introduced.
Money has meaning only if people have no access to Earth.
For this purpose, conquest of the land was followed by taxation.
Failure to ‘contribute’ to taxation led to destruction and death.

The first story of genesis in the book called the bible describes that.
Adam was a king of Jerusalem who refused to pay taxes to Babylon.
The Babylonian army marched in and destroyed the city, temple and its garden.
The ‘starting belief’ of the bible is thus in fact about money taxation.

In many cultures, tribes who never used money, were forced in taxation.
Not needing money, they had no money, and could not pay taxes.
They were forced to work for corporation which paid ‘money’ for ‘labour’.
Whole African tribes were forced in the diamond industry in this manner.

Money, issued by banks, represents an implied contract for (slave) labour.
Without money, people have no access to Earth, because it was stolen from them.
People can only get access to food, and life necessities, via money.
Banks do not produce enough money for normal interactions; people starve.

The principle is that of animal domestication.
Peoples are locked up in prisons by stealing their land.
People then can only get food if they work for money.
But banks limit the availability of food by limiting the supply of money.

The consequence is that people in captivity ‘do anything’ for money.
‘Selling what is naturally free’ is now called “Prostitution”.
“Mercenary” describes ‘doing inhuman deeds for money’.
Scientists are just people amongst people trying to survive by money.

As the first bible chapter-and-verse show: it all starts with taxation.
Taxation is the denial of freedom, by enslaving people under threat of death.
Religions play an important role in this, by presenting subjugation as if normal.
Therein domination by a thieving king is replaced represented by a god-lord.

The underlying theme is that someone else determines and defines the life of the believers.
There is a direct link between so-called ‘holy books’ and ‘books of law’ and ‘taxes’.
The basic principle is the elimination of direct contact with/of Earth, ‘by legislation’.
Science is but yet another version of the same concept: alienation from nature.

The outsider-observer of classical science places the scientist outside of reality.
By being outsider and uninvolved, they have no real access to (experience of) Earth.
In a symbolic abstract manner the scientist re-enacts the ritual theft of the land.
In a practical non-symbolic reality the scientists gets paid to do so.

Science is a prostitute because scientists are mercenaries.
Yet the prostitute scientist mercenary is not to blame.
They try to survive in a lovely planet that has made into a prison.
There is only one underlying problem: the superstition of money used for taxation by denial free access to Earth by denying freedom of choice

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