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“Magic operates (in/on) different forms of consciousness”

All meditation exercises are based on feeling our internal processes.
They are based on the properties of molecules: structure = information.
Every molecule in our body is an electromagnetic signal (spectrum).
Every molecule forms part of the electromagnetic body communication.

Every molecule forms part of the internal information circulation.
This internal "food chain" is par of the external "food chain".
It is the set of feedforward-feedback cycles linking inside=outside.
In the connection-points, the body (boundary) is defined/formed.

The linking process operates by the fundamental principle "i-god".
Integrate - Generate, Operate, Destroy; resetting the boundaries.
Our whole living being is based on, defined by, system singularities.
Magic is the art of re(de)fining the way we interface with/in our context.

How we do this is described in "(the Art of) Living" (separately described).
It involves the act of actively sensing internal changes/adaptations.
We do that by making use of the "Proprioceptic System" ("Self Sensing).
We OPERATE this internal system of self-definition in meditation.

In French "meditation" can be explained by an appropriate Pun.
Méditation: Je m' édite, tu t'édites, il s'édite, … we edit ourselves.
We edit ourselves by the decisions we make, using freedom of choice.
By operating Freedom of Choice, we create/limit our self definition.

As everything else (pissing/shitting/walking/loving) we learn his by trial and error.
Your can learn it and become proficient by doing it, only; you must DO it.
It requires active involvement; thinking about it is NOT enough.
Paradoxically, it requires that you learn to think about your own thinking.

'Méditation' is the art of active involvement in (y)our thinking process(es).
It requires the acquiring of sensitivity for the proprioceptic system.
Paradoxically, you must use the sensory system to sense the propriocepsis system.
Phrases in a parallel: the animal system must turn in/on to our vegetative system.

The attention, focused on our environment, must be turned within.
Our sensory system must be turned back n our self-sensory system.
That means that we must focus our sensory-cepsis on/to our proprio-cepsis.
This is the natural process we all engage/operate with/in sleeping.

In sleeping we start by withdrawing our involvement in our environment.
We then experience our bodily sensations; and the whole-body dynamics.
Then we shift into the organ system actions and interactions.
To finally internalise into the cellular sensations and realisations.

involvement in our environment corresponds with Beta brain waves.
involvement in our Body corresponds with Alfa brain waves.
involvement in our Organs corresponds with Theta brain waves.
involvement in our Cells corresponds with Delta brain waves.

Cell experience operates at te level of unique identity (Deterministic).
Organ interactions operate at the level of relationships (Relativistic).
Body activity operates in interaction with context always (Probabilistic).
Realisation involves our participation in creation (Creationistic; Magical).

Meditation therefore involves operation at each of these levels/dimensions.
It means that you must become aware of the different logic at each leaven.
But at the same time you must be aware of the relationship between levels.
And you must become aware that your involvement changes (y)our realisation.

    "Meditation" is the open/undefined experience of self-sensation.
    "Contemplation" is the identification of the dynamic of self-definition
    "Concentration" is the focusing on the moment of taking decisions.
    "Realisation" is the art of active involvement/participation in creation.

Meditation starts with imagination; as means to get to know the unknown.
It is similar to exploring a new land, with a different climate and landscape.
It is like a journey into a different culture with different customs and language.
It is exactly like a bay born into a new work; unknowing but able to learn.

Meditation starts with entering the baby state: open acceptance.
At a next level it become possible to play with what you learned.
At the third level you discover the limits to (y)our involvement.
Leading to the adult level of mastery of what you can (not) do.

Meditation involves the same 'growing up' in self-consciousness.
With the same stages/phases from baby to child to adolescent to adult.
But now in the realisation of the dynamic of participation in creation.
Now, it involves the discovery and realisation of Freedom of Choice.

You then discover that your life was/is created by (sub-un-)conscious choices.
The dynamic has been described in the essays on The Bones of Belief.
We Create Reality by creating Beliefs are we create reflexes like we create bones.
We use the body system for self-(re)definition; known as "i.-g.o.d.".

  1. i : "Integrate.
  2. G: "Generate".
  3. O: "Operate"
  4. D: "Destroy.

i-god is based on the dynamic of self-definition, by system inversion.
The system must integrate within its context, always, for survival.
At every level the system is the inverse of its contact.
Life is based on the active ongoing dynamic of System Inversion.

System Inversion takes places in/via/as the System Singularities always.
We operate Freedom of choice, ONLY in the system singularities.
In our body the System Singularities are lined in the Stabilisation Set (SSSS).
This SSSS is based on the logic cascade of cell division decisions; a time-fractal.

Meditation focuses on the dynamic of cell division decisions.
It does not look at the product/result/outcome (manifestation).
Instead it focuses on the process/principle/participation (creation).
It inverses the object(ivy) back into its origin: subject(ivy).

Meditation involves the realisation that reality is a realisation.
Realisation is never a noun; it is always a verb; involving participation.
We are NOT onlookers to an already existing invariant reality.
Instead, we are involved in active participation in creation.

Méditation is the act/art of taking response-ability for the decisions we make.
It is necessarily tied in with the act of active cell divisions>
It requires that we integrate/operate our consciousness at that level.
It means that we must operate our consciousness at the subatomic level.

That is what all cultures describe for/as the act/art of meditation.
It shifts the consciousness 'from the world', to 'within'.
In fact, it is the shift from identification to the frontal cortex, to the cerebellum.
Because only then is it possible to realise that we operate the Pineal gland, sit-in.

In the ideal gland we operate/inhabit the body primordial cell.
The zygote, he first cell after conception, was relocated by cell division.
From its starting point at the spine, it moved up to the mid-brain.
While, by the ogling cell divisions, the whole body unfolded around it.

In the pineal gland we 'observe' the 'world around us', from 'our body'.
In fact we simply compare the outsize (sensoricepsis) with the inside (propriocepsis).
We do that in fact by comparing the frontal cortex signals with those of the cerebellum.
The pineal gland has the shape of an interference node, to detect changes in the field interference.

Meditation shifts our attention from body to mind to soul to spirit.
Thus shifting from anatomy to physiology to regulation to integration.
It is a shift from matter to molecules to atoms to phase (in formation).
It is the shift from reality to realisation (n) to realisation (v) to creation.

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