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‘Magic’ (“Magd”) is our creative potential; using Freedom of Choice

As part of the series of Essays on Magic we must address our involvement.
We already know that magic operates by turning ideas into actions.
We do that by the Pineal gland activation Cascade, activating body cells.
In doing that, we activate/operate/eliminate internal changes/sensations.

Within our body we monitor all changes via our Propriocepsis System.
We can FEEL the changes in (Cell) Activation-Relationships within us.
We operate/activate/interact with this dynamic in (Méditation" (see there).
We do this by  operating the (Pineal) "Consciousness Activation Cascade".

The dynamic operates by the principle of "Total System Inversion", in 4D.
This always involves the 4D dynamic of changing a boundary inside-out (and v.v.).
Therein, the part always integrates in/to the whole; and the known in the unknown.
That is the core concept of the dynamic/principle of "Freedom of Choice".

Using Freedom of Choice by definition involves Trial & Error.
We have a special/specific sensory system for learning how to use that.
This is separately described as the "Fight. Flight, Fear, Faint"  dynamic.
It is directly tied in with the consciousness/health manifestation cascade.

This cascade is known as Health, Adaptation, Compensation Decompensation.
It parallels the stages of Adult, ADolescent, Child and Baby.
It is based on the phases of Human, Animal, Vegetative, and Cell.
It represents freedom of choice in matter, molecules, atoms and phase space.

At this level, science is the same as religion.
We are no longer dealing with objective physical space 'reality').
In fact, the objects of science are logistic objects (models) only.
What we are dealing with now are operations in phase space: creation.

The following texts elaborate this understanding:

  • "Freedom of Choice" explains the core principle of our participation in creation.
  • "Meditation" describes how we can become aware of it.
  • "Trial & Error" explains that we operate in changing boundary conditions.
  • "System Health-Pathology" summarised the important work of Bert Verveen.

"Changing Consciousness, Changing Health" recapitulates how health can become sick.

"Life, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Creation" describes our active involvement in Creation.

"Fight, Flight, Fear, Faint" describes the effect of sensing system shifts.

"Pain, Fear, Depression, Death" reports on the sensation of system collapse.

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