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The integrity of any (living) system is based on its boundary.
Every boundary is determined by the singularity which defines it.
In the system singularity the inside interfaces with the outside.
This takes place by inner-phasing in the singularity itself.

Inner-phasing is equivalent to phase change in a wave node.
As described elsewhere, Bert Verveen described how this forms our body.
System/Boundary integrity is determined by feedforward-feedback closure.
This closure is regulated in/by their juncture; changing the (inter) phase.

Such kind of adaptation is systematically described by System Theory.
The application of System Theory is known as Cybernetics (System regulation).
System regulation operated by the use of feedback for feedforward correction.
In daily life this is customarily called Trial & Error.

Life, Creation and Freedom of Choice interface with the unknown.
Microbes, plants, animals and humans learn to address the unknown.
In each case this involves systemic extension beyond the system boundary.
Each life form build further on what was developed before that.

Human life thus involves 4 systems/modes of boundary extension/transition.Cells (microbes) do this in the boundary (molecules) itself (themselves).

Plants are fractalic extension of cellular menbrane surface.

Animals are able to mobilise the boundary transition operated by plants.


Humans thus operate membrane inversion, fractal formation and threshold transition.

In Cybernetics, the system regulation is provided by humans 'from outside'.

The mind-set involved is that of the classic/antique slave system.

The terms "Servo control" and "master-" or "Slave-system" are used still.


In living beings every entity is its own slave/master, thus master/slave.

Our reflexes function as the programmable/commandable 'slave systems'.

Our conscious freedom of choice serves as the master (for the system).

Therein information determines the systemic reflex activation/formation.


In each care the decision to interface changes involvement.

Thereby the 'wave node' is (un)coupled by Freedom of Choice.

Thereby process loops are connected, or interrupted.

As a result, the system is integrated or separated with/in the context.


The system cycle coupling, described by Bert Verveen, is the essence.

(Dis)Connecting the circuit loops simplifies/complexifies the circuitry.

This leads to a change in calculation/computation with/in the context.

The result is a change of involvement: disintegration or Integration.


Integration within the context is called Health (functional dynamics).

Disintegration out of the context is called Disease (dynamic dysfunctionality).

Disintegration takes place per (fractal) boundary level singularity.

Disease is a systemic collapse of the function; reversing its development.


This Decay of a structured functional process, in consciousness, energy , time and space.

It originates from a change of consciousness (involvement) ('erroneous decision').

That results in a change of system/singularity interfacing/energy (energy disarray; Pei Qi).

The result is disturbance/collapse of physiological cycles. circuits; ensuing in anatomic decay.


The body is created by, and composed of, living cells in formation; operating by information.

The cell communication cycles form the 'software'  for the 'hardware'; body compassion.

At all moments the body can be recomposed (healed) by restoring information integrity.

With the proper information, cell information regains coherence and health is restored.


Disease is NOT 'the absence of health'.

Disease results from loss of integrity/integration with/in context.

Disintegration follows the inverse sequence of  body formation.

Conception, embryology, body formation, in inverse, is dis-ease.


Every cell division is a cell decision.

Every division decision takes place in the singularity node.

All singularities in the body are logically concatenated.

Body formation follows bio-logical computation.



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