Freedom of Choice Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

“Magic operates in different Dimensions”

Freedom of Choice take place in the core of the cells of our body.
It operates in/on the atomolecular processes of body formation.
It operates in every body system singularity ate each level.
All body singularities are linked in the fractal of cell division.

Freedom of Choice is the essence of Life.
It means that you are free to think as you wish.
You are as free to make mistakes; and learn.
Freedom of Choice is based on thinking about our animal actions.

Microbes live where grow; and outside of their niche they die.
Plants are able to grow beyond they foothold, but cannot move away.
Animals are able to move from one territory into another.
Self-conscious animals are able to remember/anticipate their actions.

It is a story in itself to see how these life forms interconnect.
Just as it is for the way they together form our living body.
What matters is that we experience them as 4 consciousness levels.
And that we operate (between) them using Freedom of Choice.

Freedom of Choice implies that you do what you DON'T Know.
You operate in and on the edge of your being.
By doing that, you change your self-definition/involvement.
By that, by trial and error, you (re)shape your life.

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