Imagination Soience of Life (c) SIG, the Foundation for advancement of  Integral Health Care

“Magic manipulates ideas for optimal realisation”.

Many people taught to believe that Magic ‘exists only in our imagination.’
This is perfectly true; indeed, it is quite correct.
We operate magic by our imagination only.
Just as we create our life/decisions by our imagined ideas.

    Ideas are real.
    Dreams are real.
    Thoughts are real.
    They are the instruments by which we operate consciousness.

We cannot discern between hallucination and realisation in our brain signals.
In our brain communication dreams and realisations are the same.
In the neuro-synaptic ‘firings’, crimes and good deeds are identical.

    The only difference between good and evil lies in contextualisation..
    That what exists/operates within its proper context is called "good".
    That what lives/exists outside of its proper context is called "evil".
    Just as “EVIL” = “LIVE” (backwards); it is all about Boundary Transition.

In mathematics, crossing the "=-sign" inverts the polarity/value.
“+x” becomes "-x", simple by crossing boundary.
Likewise live becomes evil, by crossing a system boundary.
boundary-crossing is the fundamental dynamic of creation/life.

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