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Some people ‘tie the horse behind the wagon’.
‘They believe music comes from the baton of the conductor’.
They actually believe that DNA is creator of life.
They believe (believe) that life is a matter of matter...

These people ‘have got it backwards’.
They operate by beliefs, gotten from others.
These beliefs are inversions of the truth.
(“Disbelief in Belief” is separately described).

Life involves Total System Inversion.
This dynamic takes place in 4 dimensions.
It involves inversion of a volume in a point.
When this process fails, it backfires.

When the process backfires, ir goes against life.
This is a normal dynamic process, of inversion.
Therein, the circuit inverses direction/orientation.
The result is that is induces its own countercurrent.

This dynamic we see in (between) atomic orbits.
There, the resonant waves N+/- 1/2 cancel out.
This creates a pause phase of maximum potential.
It is the pivot of creation, and of Freedom of Choice.

We see the same in the pause phase in cell division.
This is the moment where cells synchronise in context.
When this synchronisation fails, these cells “hell off”.
They fall back to more primitive functioning (“cancer”).

The uni-Verse, and our body, form one integral system.
Every-thing is seemingly separate, yet always connected.
All is connected via boundaries: Separators=Connectors.
A boundary is (formally) a location of/for phase inversion.

The boundary determines the system state.
The boundary defines the system processes.
The boundary conditions system transformation.
The boundary integrates the system with/in context.

Boundaries are turning points for universal connection: Singularities.
In such a singularity the whole and the inverse is the same.
Turning anything in/to its opposite does not make it universal.
Opposition/inversal/denial is a lie, and goes against life.

Many people use lies and denials to gain (seeming) power.
That power is not based on divinity, but on evil.
Divinity is a (singularity) experience with universal value.
Evil is a singular experience which goes against life.

In the singularity (only) the opposites are matched and equal.
In these points the opposites are in fact complementary; dual.
In being dual, they are polarities of the same principle concept.
In evil, the process is universal, but operating against life.

Health is operated by the maintenance of cycles between circuits.
Loss of coherence (as shown by Verveen) is the basis of all disease.
When a circuit cycle backfires, this can lead to system fragmentation.
Health, adaptation, compensation and decompensation are connected.

Life, illness, disease, and death are all linked by the same dynamic.
The dynamic as such can be condensed as that of System Inversion.
This means that system integrity exists, operates, in 4 dimensions.
Inversion is the essence of the dynamic; death is part of life.

Death is loff of systematic systemic coherence.
Life is a systematic systemic maintenance of coherence.
Living is the act/art of changing the interfacing by innerphasing.
Disease occurs when local functioning does not reflect integral coherence; it is part-dying.

The same dynamics operate in body and in mind.
In our body, they are formed by the metabolomic cycles.
In our mind, they are formed by 'electric'/information currents.
They can be compared to carrier- and signal waves of the system.

The 'fixation' of molecular cycles are related to "Reflexes".
The 'fixation' of information circuits is known as "Beliefs".
In combination they cause a 'fixation' of 'realisation', "Reality".
The potential for 'fixation' stems from us of Freedom of Choice.

In our body, all cells operate via the 4D cycle.
When the cycling is not shared, the result is cancer.
In such cases, a part becomes isolated from the whole.
In society, such disconnection/separation is known as hierarchy.

Hierarchy blocks the integrity of the part with/in/as the whole.
It thereby cripples, lames, the corrective/complementary cycle.
This minimises the capacity/potential for self-healing.
It brings the system "to the brink of hell" (a closed system).

Hierarchy brings the system to the state where it can back-fire.
As a result, the system can fall back into itself; and collapse.
This is also known as "the brink of destruction'; self-destruction.
This is why totalitarian control systems will always collapse.

A living system interfaces by interfacing.
Thereby, it integrates the universe with/in itself.
Hierarchy polarises, 'fossilises', (Fixates) this interfacing.
It thereby blocks free access to its context; creating 'dependence'.

Polarisation 'closes the interface', by enforcing a bias.
Hierarchy limits the option by eliminating system inversion.
Hierarchy thereby creates a state of dependence.
Hierarchy lacks feedback, and will always be ‘too late’, thus fail.

In society we see that many people live by the decree or dictate of others.
It is symptomatic for an interrupted developmental cycle.
Up to puberty, children are held to be subordinate to their parents.
In society, of culture, humans are ideally response-able sovereign adults.

Adult response-ability involves being human, humanity, life and cosmic.
In order to be free, and response-able, humans must operate all these options.
All these options mutually complementary (technically: "bi-dual").

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